20 Motivational CS Lewis Quotes That Can Change Your Life

Clive Staples Lewis, commonly known as CS Lewis, is a famous novelist, poet, author and poet who used to highlight the heart touching, interesting and life-related topics that have great impact over the lives of people. Lewis has given many things to think upon and made people realize that they should have to start thinking differently because sometimes, things are not what they look like. They are quite different in reality and it’s the circumstances or people’s tricks that made them appear in a different manner. CS Lewis quotes are the real example of why he is so popular and still admired by people.

Lewis used to highlight the biggest reality of life that people should not trust or rely on anyone for their happiness and peace because real happiness lies within them and all they have to do is to explore and experience it. CS Lewis quotes give new spirit and realization that it’s the responsibility of people to make their lives better because no one would work for others without any benefit. They do not have to rely on anyone for their success. Every person has to make efforts on his/her own and work hard to get the position he/she wants. According to CS Lewis quotes, life is too short and people should have to live in the way they want. They should find happiness in every single or minor thing and enjoy moments in the fullest. Another thing that the quotes highlight is a person’s right to dream. Yes, every person should have to dream because it gives courage and motivation to do something different from usual.

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