90 Touching Love Confession Text Messages for Her 

Our Love Confession Text Messages for Her can make your day if your love is true. 

Love is indeed the most special feeling in every person’s life. It doesn’t matter if you are young, old, rich, or poor. Love is crucial for everyone. 

Similarly, confessing love to your special girl seems challenging for some men. So, here we list some Love Confession Text Messages for Her to help you confess your true feelings in the best possible way. 

Your message should comprise words that will make her happy and feel special so she can love you even more. 

It is a very restless feeling for a man when you have found someone special but are unable to confess your feelings to her. 

You may feel embarrassed to talk to her directly about your feelings because there always remains a fear of rejection. Or maybe due to their reserved personality, it is difficult for some men to confess their feelings. 

But messaging your feelings is always the safest option, which will never make you uncomfortable, and you get enough time to organize your feelings. 

With our Love Confession Text Messages for Her, put it in words to impress your special girl.

How Do You Confess Your Love To A Girl Over Text?

Confessing your love to a girl over text can be a daunting yet thrilling experience. It’s about finding the right balance between expressing your feelings honestly and not overwhelming her. The key is to be genuine, thoughtful, and considerate of her feelings. Here are some ideas to help you confess your love through text in a way that’s both heartfelt and respectful:

  1. Start with a Casual Conversation: Begin with light and casual texting to gauge her mood. This sets a comfortable tone before you dive into deeper emotions.
  2. Express Appreciation for Her: Mention specific things you appreciate about her – her kindness, sense of humor, or the way she makes you feel. This personal touch shows you value her for who she is.
  3. Be Honest and Direct: Clearly state your feelings but keep it simple. “I’ve really enjoyed the time we’ve spent together and I’ve realized I have feelings for you” is direct yet not overwhelming.
  4. Share Your Intentions: Let her know why you’re telling her this. Are you hoping to start a relationship, or do you just need her to know how you feel regardless of the outcome?
  5. Acknowledge the Situation: It’s okay to mention that expressing feelings over text isn’t ideal, but it felt important to share them. This shows awareness and consideration for the situation.
  6. Be Prepared for Any Response: Remember, once you’ve shared your feelings, the ball is in her court. Be ready for any response, and respect her feelings whether they mirror yours or not.
  7. Follow Up in Person: If she responds positively, suggest talking more about it in person. This shows that you’re serious about your feelings and respectful of having important conversations face-to-face.

Romantic 20 Love Confession Text Messages For Her

1. Hey, remember the day you walked into the room? Everything just stopped for a moment. I’ve been quietly admiring you for six months now. What started as a little crush? Well, it’s become way deeper.


2. You know when someone walks into your life and suddenly everything shifts? That’s what happened with you. From that first moment, there was this undeniable spark, and it’s only grown stronger.

3. Isn’t it wild how one moment can completely turn your world around? The first time I saw you, something just clicked. It’s been months of getting to know you, and this feeling has evolved from a simple crush to something so much more.

4. You might not have noticed, but I’ve been watching you. Every laugh, every smile over these past six months. And what I initially thought was just a fleeting crush? It’s turned into something far more profound.

5. Talking about feelings is never easy, is it? But ever since that day I first saw you, there’s been this growing feeling inside me. It’s more than just liking you; it feels like being drawn towards something more meaningful.

6. Do you remember the day we first met? It seemed like any other day, but then there you were. Since then, seeing you has been the highlight of my days. This feeling, it’s something I just can’t shake off.

7. Keeping feelings inside is tough. Since that first moment I saw you, there’s been this connection, this pull. It’s grown into something I can’t just ignore anymore.

8. Every day has its moments, right? But seeing you, that’s always the best part. What started as something quiet has grown into this strong, undeniable feeling. I’m a bit scared, but filled with hope too.

9. They say love at first sight isn’t real, but then there was you. From that very first moment, there was something special, something different. It’s taken me time, but now it’s clear – I really care about you.

10. Life is full of surprises, like the day I first saw you. I’ve been trying to make sense of these feelings ever since. Now, I understand – it’s deep, it’s real. I’m eager to see where this journey with you leads.


11. I get butterflies in my stomach every time I think about you. From the moment we met, there was something special about you that made my heart skip a beat. Over time, those feelings have only grown stronger. I’m falling for you.

12. I can’t help but wonder if it was fate that brought us together. Since you came into my life, you have consumed my thoughts morning, noon and night. I’m absolutely crazy about you.

13. For months, I’ve been wrestling with this feeling, not sure how to put it into words. But I need to get this off my chest – I’m head over heels for you. When we’re apart, something just feels missing.

14. Just seeing your smile or hearing your voice is enough to turn any bad day around for me. What started as a little crush has grown into something so much more real. I find myself falling harder for you every single day.

15. I’ll never forget the first time we really talked and laughed together. That moment will forever be etched in my memory. Because that was the moment I realized I was starting to fall for you. I just hope you might feel this spark between us too.

16. I know this is coming out of nowhere, but you’ve come to mean the world to me. From the instant we met, I sensed you were someone extraordinary. And now, against all odds, I’ve managed to completely and utterly fall in love with you.

17. When two people have an instant connection, you just know that person is going to play an important role in your life. I felt that way the very day we met. But now I know – this is so much more than just friendship. I’ve fallen in love with you.

18. Falling for you was never part of the plan, but from the moment I wake up to the second I fall asleep you are on my mind. I love you, plain and simple. I honestly can’t picture my life without you.

19. From our conversations to sharing laughs over silly stuff – I’ve come to treasure every interaction no matter how small. Those everyday moments have shown me that what I feel for you goes beyond just a simple crush. I am absolutely, head over heels in love with you.

20. The deeper our connection grows, the more clearly I can see what an incredible person you are. This isn’t merely some passing infatuation. I am utterly and completely falling in love with you and I can’t wait to see where this journey takes us.

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Sweet Love Confession Text Messages For A Girl You Like

1. Hey there. Lately I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about us. I know we started off as friends, but you’ve really become someone so special to me. I love spending time with you and I think I’m starting to feel more for you than just friendship.


2. I wanted to tell you something to hopefully make you smile. You truly mean so much to me and brighten my day whenever we’re together. I guess what I’m trying to say is that my feelings for you go beyond friendship now. I really care about you.

3. I’m not usually one for big declarations, but I wanted you to know – I totally enjoy and look forward our time together. You make me laugh and feel good. I guess I’m just saying I really like you, as more than a friend.

4. I hope this doesn’t catch you off guard, but you’ve been on my mind a lot. I think you’re amazing and I definitely have a fondness for you that’s more than friends. I just thought you should know.

5. Funny how life surprises you sometimes. I never expected to feel this way, but I look forward to our time together more and more. I think my feelings for you have grown into something stronger than friendship.

6. Expressing feelings doesn’t always come naturally, but I wanted to be upfront with you. I genuinely get happy when I know we’ll be hanging out. I think I really like you as more than a friend.

7. I wanted to tell you straight up – you blow me away. You have an incredible spirit and make me laugh like no one else does. I really admire you and my feelings for you are stronger than just friends now.

8. I’ve been wanting to tell you for awhile now that you’ve become someone incredibly special to me. I get lost in our conversations and really treasure our time together. My feelings for you now go beyond friendship.

9. I know this may surprise you, but I need to be honest – you are easily one of the most amazing people I’ve ever met. Being with you just feels right. I think have really strong feelings for you now.

10. Hey there. Lately whenever we hang out I’m realizing more and more how much I like doing that. You amaze me. I guess what I want you to know is that I have feelings for you now that go deeper than friendship. Just wanted to tell you.

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Long Love Confession Text Messages For Her Copy And Paste

1. Hey there. I’m lying here thinking about you and I realize I just can’t wait until morning to say this. Your smile and laughter from today kept replaying in my mind and it hit me – what I feel for you goes beyond a simple crush. It’s something deeper that brings me comfort and fills my dreams. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I really like you. I know texts can seem impersonal, but I needed you to know how I feel.


2. Waking up this morning, you were the first thing on my mind with the sunrise, as you often are. I get eager waiting for the next time we’ll talk or hang out because you’ve grown into an important part of my days. I wanted to tell you first thing in the morning light that I like you, more than a text could capture but hopefully it still makes you smile.

3. I had an awesome time with you today. Hanging on your every word, each moment together means a lot to me. I’ve been trying to understand these feelings and I want to be upfront – it goes beyond friendship for me. The warm, wonderful feeling I get thinking of you is more than that. I like you, I really do, and I had to get that off my chest.

4. I don’t open up easily, but my feelings for you have grown to a depth I can’t contain anymore. It’s beyond a fleeting crush – you make my heart race whenever you come to mind. I hope this doesn’t overwhelm you, but I needed to be straightforward even through a text.

5. We’ve been friends awhile but lately I see you differently. These growing feelings are something I can’t dismiss. Making me smile whenever we talk, I like you as more than friends now. I want our great friendship to continue but had to be honest with myself and you.

6. Surprise! Doubt you expected this but I had to say it – you’ve captured me in a powerful way. Treasuring our time together, each memory holds dear. Realizing more every day how much I like you and this feeling just keeps growing. Had to let you know instead of holding it in.

7. This message might come as a surprise, but I’ve been carrying these feelings around for a while. You’re incredible, and every time we’re together, I find myself drawn to you more and more. I’ve come to realize that I really like you, and it’s a feeling I can no longer keep hidden. I wanted to finally express this, to let you know that you mean so much more to me than just a friend.

8. Today was such a great day, and it’s made me realize something important. You have this amazing ability to make everything better just by being there. I’ve been feeling this way for some time, but today it became crystal clear. I really like you. I cherish every moment we spend together and look forward to many more. It’s a feeling that’s been growing inside me, and I felt it was time to share it with you.

9. After our deep conversation today, I felt a connection that’s hard to describe. You understand me in ways that no one else does, and it’s something I’ve come to treasure. It’s made me realize that I like you, not just as a friend, but in a way that’s deeper and more meaningful. I wanted to share this with you, to let you know that these feelings are real and they’re for you.

10. As we’re about to part ways for a while, there’s something I need to tell you. Being away from you is going to be tough because you’ve become such an essential part of my life. My feelings for you have grown more than I ever imagined possible. You mean so much to me, and as we say goodbye, I just had to tell you. I like you, more than I ever thought I could, and I’ll be thinking of you until we meet again.

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Emotional Love Confession Paragraph For Her

1. I’ve really enjoyed getting to know you lately. I look forward to our conversations and time together. I feel like we connect on a deeper level – your perspective on life inspires me. I’m starting to develop feelings for you that go beyond friendship. I don’t expect anything in return, I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate you.


2. You have an ability to make me smile without even trying. Your presence brightens my day. I feel peaceful and happy around you in a way that’s new to me. I care about you deeply as more than a friend.

3. I felt an instant connection when we met that was different from anyone I’ve known. Everything about you – how you talk, laugh, carry yourself – is captivating to me. I have real feelings developing, more than just a surface attraction. I hope you feel a special chemistry as well.

4. Spending time with you fills me with so much warmth. You have a talent for making every day better. What started as a friendship has grown into stronger feelings between us. I love being with you and you’re always on my mind when apart.

5. I feel comfortable opening up to you in a way that’s new for me. We have something rare – an effortless connection I don’t have with anyone else. Every moment together means so much. I deeply care about you and I hope we can explore these feelings between us.

6. From the moment we first met, you’ve been on my mind a lot. It’s almost like you’ve worked some kind of magic on me. I find myself unable to picture my days without you in them. The way you’re kind to everyone, your brilliant mind, and your sense of humor just click with me. It’s more than just liking you; it’s a deeper connection that I’ve never felt before. I really care about you, and I just needed to gather the courage to tell you.

7. Opening up isn’t easy for me, but when it comes to you, it just feels right. You’ve become someone I deeply trust and genuinely admire. My feelings for you have blossomed into something I just can’t ignore anymore. It’s more than a fleeting feeling; it’s a heartfelt affection that keeps growing. I keep finding myself wanting to spend more time with you, to make memories together. I really like you, and I’m just hoping you might feel something similar.

8. You have this way of drawing me in that I just can’t explain. Your smile, the way your eyes light up, and how you view the world – it’s all so enchanting. I’ve been trying to keep my feelings under wraps, but the truth is, I’ve fallen for you. It’s a warm, deep, and incredibly real feeling. I care about you more than I’ve ever cared about anyone else, and it’s something I felt I needed to share with you.

9. Ever since the day we met, you’ve had such a profound impact on me. You’re not just someone I know; you’re someone special, someone who makes each day brighter just by being there. My feelings for you have evolved from just a simple crush to something much more significant. It’s a deep feeling, one that has me thinking about what the future could hold for us. I’m falling for you, and I’m excited about the prospect of embarking on this journey together.

10. Meeting someone like you, who has the power to change my life for the better, is rare. But you’ve done just that. You’ve brought so much happiness, laughter, and love into my life. I find myself completely drawn to you, feeling something that’s way beyond just attraction. It’s a deep affection, a desire to be close to you, to experience life’s moments together. I really like you, and I’m hoping these feelings resonate with you as well.

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Sincere Text Message To Confess Love To Your Crush

1. Hey, just wanted to share something with you. You might not have realized, but this past year getting to know you has been really great. You’re the person I find myself looking forward to chatting with every day. Just thought it was about time I let you know.


2. I’ve got something on my mind that I’ve been wanting to tell you. Lately, you’ve been in my thoughts quite a bit. I’ve really enjoyed the time we’ve spent getting to know each other. Honestly, I’ve started to like you more than just a friend.

3. Hey there! I hope this message doesn’t come out of the blue, but I think honesty is the best policy. Our conversations and all the fun times we’ve shared have meant a lot to me. I’ve come to realize that my feelings for you go beyond just friendship.

4. We’ve been talking for a while now, and I’ve noticed how easy and comfortable it is to chat with you. I look forward to our conversations more than I ever expected. So, I wanted to let you in on a little secret – I think I’ve got a crush on you.

5. Lately, I’ve been thinking about our chats. It’s become clear that the conversations I enjoy the most are with you. You have this effortless way of making me smile. So, I wanted to be open and tell you that I really like you.

6. Hey! I just wanted to send a quick message. We’ve shared some great moments, and I feel like there’s this unique connection between us. I wanted to be upfront and tell you that I like you. Curious to know if you feel the same?

7. I’ve got a small confession to make. Over this past year, getting to know you has become a highlight of my day. You’ve grown really special to me, and it turns out, I’ve got feelings for you.

8. Just sending this to say I’ve been doing a bit of thinking. The person I always look forward to hearing from is you. You’re truly amazing, and I’ve found myself liking you quite a lot. Just wanted to share that with you.

9. Hi! I figured the best approach is just to be straightforward. You’ve been on my mind more than usual lately, and it’s because I’ve really started to like you. Our time getting to know each other has been amazing, and I’m excited to see where this might lead.

10. Hey, so I’ve been trying to figure out how to say this. You’re an incredible person, and our conversations have been something I genuinely enjoy. I think I’m starting to fall for you, and I just wanted to be honest about it with you.

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Deep love Confession Message To Express Her

1. I just wanted to say, every time we talk I notice something new that I admire about you. Our chats have become a regular part of my happiness. I’m pretty sure this feeling of comfort and joy is what love is all about.


2. I cherish all the laughter we share – it makes my day extra special. It’s like collecting precious memories. I’ve realized these aren’t just random nice moments; they’re building blocks of my affection for you. What I’m trying to say is, I love you, in the realest way.

3. Have you ever noticed how some people just fit perfectly into your life, like they were always meant to be there? That’s how you are for me. You’ve become an essential part of my days – I can’t imagine them without you anymore. This is more than just liking someone; I think this is love.

4. Sometimes I catch myself smiling over something silly you said or did earlier. It’s the little things that show me how deep my feelings for you go. This isn’t just a small crush; it’s real, genuine love.

5. I was thinking about how the best part of my day is any part you’re in. It’s like you add color to my life. I guess what I’m trying to say is, you mean so much to me – more than I expected was possible.

6. Hey there! I just wanted to say you’ve become my favorite person to think about. Whether it’s your humor, your perspectives, or how you see things, it all resonates with me. I think that’s what people mean when they talk about being in love.

7. You know, they say love is finding someone who matches your brand of crazy. Well, I think I’ve found that with you. It’s amazing how we just connect and understand each other. That’s rare and special, and it means I genuinely love you.

8. Have you ever felt so comfortable with someone that you can fully be yourself? That’s how I feel with you. It’s so refreshing to drop all pretenses. In this comfort, I’ve found a deep love for who you are.

9. You make ordinary moments feel extraordinary just by being in them. I’ve come to realize every laugh, every chat is precious to me. It’s a feeling beyond words, but I’ll try – I love you.

10. Sometimes I catch myself watching you, amazed by how you do things, how you think, how you smile. And I realize – this isn’t just admiration, it’s heartfelt love. It’s incredible how much a part of me you’ve become.

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