70 Sweet I Know You’re Asleep But Text Messages for Her

If you wish to keep your girl on her toes then knowing what to text her late at night and early in the morning is key. These “I know you’re asleep but” text messages for her will make you know how crucial it is. 

After reading them, she’ll not only feel special but may fall for you all over again. Yes, these simple messages are that effective!

Simply knowing someone was thinking about you late at night and getting to know their exact thoughts the next morning is a wonderful feeling.

A feeling that is surely to leave one with rosy cheeks and a cute smile. 

Make your girl or woman feel that way first in the morning, and get your name on the best boyfriend list.

She will be hooked on your thoughts all day long. But more than that, she’ll know how much you like her!

Romantic 20 “I Know You’re Asleep but” Text Messages for Her

1. I know you’re asleep but I just wanted to tell you I feel grateful to have you by my side because you have a heart that deserves the world, and I’ll give you that whole.


2. I know you’re asleep but I’m going to flood your DM with memes, ‘cause I want you to have a big smile on your face when you wake up. 

3. I know you’re asleep but know that your aura is so vibrant and colourful that I feel uplifted and heavenly whenever I’m with you; keep on making the world a better place with your presence. 

4. I know you’re asleep but I really want to tell you that I had such a blast with you that I can’t wait to meet you again and have the best time ever. 

5. I know you’re asleep but you shall know your thoughts have been wandering in my head so much that I can’t sleep. Neither your thoughts are ready to leave nor do I want them to.  

6. I know you’re asleep but I just wanted to send you so much love and warmth hoping it comforts you more and makes you feel cosy to help you have the sweetest dreams. 

7. I know you’re asleep but know that I love you so deeply that no one will ever be able to. And that I feel so lucky for simply having fallen in love with you.

8. I know you’re asleep but your aesthetics are so zen plus cool that I’m so intrigued to know more about you.

9. I know you’re asleep but the way you carry yourself, keep yourself calm and composed almost all the time, and are so keen to learn new things makes me fall more for you.

10. I know you’re asleep but after talking to you, I can’t seem to find my ground. I’m on cloud 11 maybe, and will try to come back tomorrow morning when you wake up. 

11. Just whispering into the night, hoping my words find their way to your dreams, telling you how much you mean to me.


12. Hey beautiful, I might be the last thought on your mind before you drifted off, but you’re definitely my first as I lie awake.

13. I know you might be in dreamland by now, but I’m sending hugs and kisses to join you there.

14. Even though you’re probably asleep, I just wanted to say that being with you today was the highlight of my week.

15. As you sleep, I find myself thinking of your smile and how it makes every moment brighter.

16. Quietly sending you a message in the night, hoping it makes you smile in your dreams.

17. It’s late, and you’re likely in the arms of Morpheus, but I’m here counting stars and thinking of your radiant face.

18. While you’re in the land of dreams, just know there’s someone here who’s thinking of you and your beautiful spirit.

19. I imagine you’re deep in sleep now, but I couldn’t resist the urge to tell you, you’re the best part of my day, every day.

20. Perhaps you’re wandering in dreamscapes, but I’m awake, captivated by thoughts of your laughter and grace.

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‘I Know You’re Asleep but’ Love Texts for Your Girlfriend

1. “I know you’re asleep, but I wanted to be the one who fills your dreams with love. You mean more to me than the moon means to the night sky.”


2. Sweetheart, apologies for the late message. As I lay here, your laughter echoes in my mind, a soothing melody more beautiful than any lullaby.

3. I hope you’re resting well, love. As you wander through dreams, know that you have become my everything. Sleep soundly, my heart.

4. My dear, I know you’ve drifted off, but in this hushed night I wanted to whisper—your love makes my world magical. You don’t just visit my dreams; you inspire them.

5. “It’s late, and you’re in the arms of sleep, but I’m here smiling, thinking about how your eyes light up my world. Sleep tight, my love.”

6. “I know you’re somewhere in dreamland, but I couldn’t wait till morning to tell you, you’re the reason my life feels complete.”


7. In this quiet night, as you dream, know that thoughts of your touch and embrace comfort me. You are the calming serenity I seek each evening.

8. Everyday with you feels like the sweetest dream I never want to end. I know you slumber now, but I just want you to know—you still take my breath away.

9. In the stillness, I lie awake, while you drift through dreams’ misty realm. My heart brims with love for you that not even night can overwhelm. Soon we will meet again.

10. “I know you’re probably lost in dreams, but I had to say, every day with you feels like a dream that I never want to wake up from.”

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Good Night Text For Her When She’s Asleep

1. “Hey beautiful, even though you’re already asleep, I just wanted to say good night. As the stars twinkle outside, I’m here thinking of your smile and how it lights up my world. Sleep well and dream sweetly.”


2. “Good night, my love. I hope your dreams are as lovely as our memories together. Even in the quiet of the night, my thoughts are filled with the wonderful times we’ve shared. Rest well, knowing you’re cherished.”

3. “As you’re lost in dreamland, I’m sitting here reminiscing about our day. It was perfect, just like you. Good night, sweetheart. May your dreams be as beautiful and as heartwarming as our journey together.”

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4. “It’s late, and you’re probably asleep, but I couldn’t go to bed without wishing you a good night. I hope your sleep is as peaceful and sweet as the joy you bring into my life.”

5. “Good night, my dear. As the moonlight softly illuminates the night, I find myself grateful for all the love and happiness you bring into my life. Sleep tight and have the sweetest dreams.”

6. “I know you can’t hear me right now, but I’m whispering a good night to you across the distance. You’re the last thought on my mind before I sleep and the first when I wake up. Sweet dreams, my angel.”


7. “As the night grows quiet and you drift in your dreams, I just wanted to say good night. You make every day special, and I can’t wait to make more memories with you. Sleep peacefully, my love.”

8. “Good night, my dearest. Even though you’re asleep, I feel this deep connection to you, knowing we’re under the same starry sky. May your dreams be as magical as the moments we share.”

9. “It’s that peaceful time of night, and I’m here thinking about how lucky I am to have you. Good night, my treasure. Dream of all the happy moments that await us.”

10. “Hey, I know you’re wrapped up in the arms of sleep, but I just wanted to send you a warm good night. You mean the world to me, and I hope your night is as serene and beautiful as the love you’ve given me.”

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“I Know You’re Asleep but” Text To Your Crush

1. “I know you’re probably dreaming of something nice, but just in case it’s not about me, I thought I’d pop into your inbox and say hi! 😊”


2. “Guess what? You’re asleep but I’m awake and thinking about how much fun we had today. Can’t wait for the next adventure!”

3. “Hey, I know it’s late and you’re probably counting sheep, but I just wanted to say that talking to you today was the highlight of my day.”

4. “I know you’re asleep, but I just had to tell you, you’ve been on my mind more than I’ve been on my own today. Hope you’re having sweet dreams!”

5. “It’s way past bedtime, and you’re not awake to chat, but I just wanted to send a goodnight wish your way. Sleep tight!”

6. “Okay, so you’re asleep, and I should be too, but I’m here wondering – if you were a vegetable, you’d be a cutecumber. 😄 Goodnight!”


7. “I know it’s late, but if you’re dreaming about your prince charming, just know I’m not great on a horse but I can make a mean lasagna!”

8. “As you’re lost in dreamland, I’m just here deciding what our superhero names would be. I’m leaning towards Captain Awesome and Lieutenant Adorable (that’s you!). Goodnight!”

9. “You’re probably in the arms of Morpheus right now, but I just wanted to say that you light up my day brighter than my phone screen in a dark room.”

10. “Hey! I know you’re asleep, but I just had a debate with my cat about who’s cuter – spoiler alert, you won. Sweet dreams!”

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“I Know You’re Asleep but” Paragraphs For Her Copy And Paste

1. Even though you’re sleeping, I wanted to take a quiet moment to tell you how much you mean to me. Our journey together fills me with so much joy – the laughter, the challenges we’ve faced hand-in-hand. You are the essence of everything beautiful in my life. Sleep well, my love.


2. I couldn’t stop myself from whispering how deeply I treasure our time together. From the silly jokes to the conversations that feel sacred, every moment with you is perfect. As you dream tonight, know that you have someone eager to make more memories with you.

3. Hey sweetheart, I know you’re fast asleep, but I’m still grateful for your love and support. You have a talent for making everything better – I hope your dreams tonight reflect the kindness and warmth you share each day.

4. Even though you’re sleeping, I confess that my favorite moments are the ones we share. Your ability to turn ordinary moments into extraordinary memories astounds me. Sleep tight, and let’s make more memories tomorrow.

5. It’s late but I had to tell you – you’re amazing. Your strength, kindness and humor make me so proud to be with you. As you rest, know that you deeply inspire me.

6. I know you’re dreaming, but thoughts of your smile, your laugh and the way you look at me fill my mind. I’m so lucky to have you in my life. Goodnight, my everything.


7. You’re probably deep asleep yet I’m still thinking of how your love fills my days and nights with peace. You are the last thing on my mind at night, the first in the morning.

8. “I know you’re asleep, but I couldn’t go to bed without sending you a goodnight wish. I hope your dreams are filled with all the joy and love you bring into my life every day. You’re incredible, and I can’t wait to see you again.”

9. “It’s late, you’re asleep, but my mind is still buzzing with thoughts of you. Your kindness, your laughter, and your gentle heart – they mean everything to me. I’m sending you this message so you wake up knowing how deeply you’re cherished.”

10. “I know you’re in the land of dreams, but I just had to share how much you’ve touched my life. Your love has been a guiding light, and every day with you is a new adventure. Dream sweetly, my love; tomorrow is another day for us to explore together.”

Late Night Message For Her To Wake Up To

1. Hey there, just a little late-night note to say you’re the first thing on my mind when I wake up and the last before I sleep. Hope you wake up to a day as radiant as your smile.


2. Wishing you a beautiful morning in advance! I hope this is the first message you see when you wake. Remember, that incredible smile of yours has the power to brighten any day, so don’t forget to share it.

3. While you were fast asleep, I was thinking about how fortunate I am to have you in my life. Wake up knowing there’s someone out there who’s smiling because of you.

4. Didn’t want to disturb your sleep, but I wanted your day to start off right. You’re pretty amazing, never forget that. Now go out there and make it a great one!

5. Rise and shine, sweetheart! Just wanted you to know I went to bed with a smile on my face thinking of you last night. Here’s to a day as wonderful as you are!

6. I know it’s still the middle of the night, but I couldn’t contain my excitement to tell you – you are going to do incredible things today! Rest up and wake ready to take on anything!


7. As the new day dawns, remember someone’s thinking you light up every room like the morning sunrise. Good morning, my ray of sunshine!

8. Just in case I don’t see you first thing, wanted to be the first to wish you a stupendous day. You deserve all the joy life has to offer and more.

9. Night’s not over but I’m already giddy thinking about time with you tomorrow. Sleep tight, and dream up some fun adventures for us!

10. Hey sunshine! Hope this is the first thing you read when you wake up. Remember today’s a blank page – can’t wait to see you fill it with smiles, laughter and good times!

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