70 Romantic & Flirty Good Night Pick Up Lines To Impress Your Love

When the tranquillity of the starry night makes you miss your lover, don’t just sit and miss. Send them some lovely Good Night Pick Up Lines and tell them how badly you want to be with them.

Good Night Pick-Up Lines are the perfect way to tell someone you love them. When you cannot hold them in your embrace, let your word wrap them up with the warmth of your love. A simple “Good night” message can make their heart flutter and giggle. 

Sorry, possibly, you won’t be able to see their happy and blushy faces while they are reading your message.

So, it is time to let the Good Night Pick-Up Lines do their work as you leave your loved one smiling to dreamland. 

How about sprinkling your love, the sweet charm of your words, and warmth to wish them “Good night?”

Here are some magical Good Night Pick-Up Lines that you can send to your loved ones to make them eager to meet you in the dreamland. 

Best 20 Good Night Pick Up Lines

1. Good night, sweetheart. Let me tell you that your smile today served as a cupid dart. So, while you are peacefully asleep, I will stay awake with you in my heart.


2. The twinkling stars remind me of the sparkle in your eyes that enchants me every day and night. Your thoughts are going to stay with me tonight. My sleep will betray me today, but I can wish you a good night.

3. Good night, dear. Sleep tight without fear. When you drift to dreamland, remember that I feel lucky to have you as my love. So, here is me trying to thank the Lord in heaven above.

4. Do you know that your gorgeous smile is enough to make me insane? I am waiting for dawn so that I can see you again. Good night, dear. Sleep tight and feel me there because I am not far but near.

5. Good night, and wake up in the morning, sunny and bright. May you drift to dreamland with a peaceful smile on your face. I look forward to the day when I can wish you good night in person, holding you in my embrace.

6. I wish you a good night with grace as the night wraps us in its embrace. I want to tell you that you are my guiding light in the darkest hours. You are the bright moon in my sky with eyes that twinkle like stars. 

7. Honey, let me wish you a good night. Let this message deliver my kiss as you fall asleep tonight. Here, I will wait for the sun to express my love to my Ms. Right.

8. While you will be resting your head on your pillow, I hope you know that my love is like a comfy blanket wrapping you smugly. Now, sleep, chasing sweet dreams, and don’t miss me. Good night, my sweetie.

9. As the night falls, your thoughts fill my heart, taking over me in every sense. May this night bring you dreams that are as soothing as your presence. Good night, and sleep with my essence.

10. Love, every day is a sweet dream with you, and you are their best part. While you will be falling asleep tonight, I am going to keep you safe in my heart. Good night, sweetheart.


11. I gaze up at the twinkling stars and wonder if they’re shining extra bright tonight, just to create a magical backdrop for your sweetest dreams.

12. The night descends into stillness, but you remain in my thoughts, filling the quiet moments with warmth.

13. If I could, I’d ask the night breeze to carry my whispers of love, tucking you into restful slumber filled with our most cherished memories.

14. The moon’s glow is stunning, but it can’t compare to the light you bring into my life. Even as we say goodnight, your radiance touches my heart.

15. As you drift off, I hope you feel the caress of my love in your dreams, surrounding you in a tender embrace until the morning light.

16. With each new star I see, I’m reminded of another reason you mean so much to me. As you close your eyes tonight, may that feeling surround you.

17. May your sleep be as peaceful as your presence has been soothing for me today.

18. I wish I could send my love on the night air to you, so even in sleep you’d feel my arms holding you near.

19. I’ll dream of you tonight if you’ll dream of me, and in dreams we can be together under starry skies that stretch on endlessly.

20. As the day fades into night, my heart whispers your name, hoping the darkness will carry my love to dance through your dreams.

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Romantic Good Night Pick up Lines

1. Think of me as the night sky thinks of the moon; always there, quietly holding you in its embrace, even from afar.


2. Tonight, as you close your eyes, remember that you’re the last thought in my mind tonight and the first when I wake up.

3. I believe the stars are out tonight, but none of them can outshine the love I feel for you.

4. May your dreams be as gentle and sweet as the love that effortlessly flows between us, wrapping you in comfort.

5. As the world quiets down, my thoughts of you only get louder, filling the night with our shared memories and dreams.

6. If the night could speak, it would tell you how my heart beats in rhythm with thoughts of you, echoing through the darkness.


7. Imagine if every star in the sky was a reason why I love you – the night would be as bright as day.

8. Feel the night breeze? I sent it your way, carrying a soft kiss and the warmth of my love to you.

9. In the quiet of the night, just remember that in my heart, there’s a special place where you and only you will ever reside.

10. As you drift into sleep, let the comfort of our love be the blanket that keeps you warm and the dreams of us together be your sweet escape.

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Flirty Good Night Pick Up lines

1. I’m going to bed now, but in my dreams, it’s our first date all over again. Sleep tight and maybe you’ll meet me there.


2. If counting stars means thinking of reasons why I’m into you, then I guess I’ll be up all night.

3. Good night! Don’t worry, I’ll probably be flirting with you in my dreams.

4. I wish I was your blanket, so I could keep you warm all night long.

5. How about we call it a night and continue this conversation in my dreams?

6. Sweet dreams! If you dream of me, just remember – I’m a lot more charming in person.

7. I’m hitting the hay, but I’m really just closing my eyes and picturing our next date.

8. Going to sleep? Remember, I’m just a dream away.

9. As you drift off, remember this: I’ve got a crush on you bigger than the night sky.

10. Nighty night! Keep your phone under your pillow; I might just text you in your dreams.


11. Just a heads up, if you dream of me tonight, I charge for autographs in the morning.

12. I’m not a photographer, but I can definitely picture us together in my dreams tonight.

13. Good night! If you need a bedtime story, just think of our last date. Spoiler: It ends with a cliffhanger.

14. I’m sending you a virtual good night kiss. Trust me, it’s way better in person.

15. As you go to bed, remember this: I’m way better at good morning kisses than good night texts.

16. If dreams come true, I hope you’re ready for an adventure tonight!

17. Warning: I may or may not be stealing the blankets in your dreams tonight.

18. Sleep well and remember – if you dream of me, that’s a date.

19. I’ll be the one in your dreams with the cheesy pick-up lines and the irresistible smile.

20. Good night! I’ll be the one waiting at the end of your dream’s rainbow.

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Late Night Pick Up Lines

1. Is it just me, or do our late-night chats make the stars shine a little brighter?


2. The night is long, but I wouldn’t mind spending every minute of it getting to know you more.

3. I was about to go to bed, but then I thought of you and suddenly I’m wide awake.

4. If I were there, would you be up for some midnight adventures or just more cozy conversations?

5. The night may be for dreamers, but talking to you feels like I’m already in a dream.

6. They say nothing good happens after midnight, but I think our conversation just proved them wrong.


7. If I could rearrange the stars, I’d spell out your name so the night sky would remind me of you.

8. It’s late, but it’s never too late to tell you that you’ve been on my mind.

9. How about we make a pact? If we’re both awake at this hour again, we’re officially night-time chat buddies.

10. I know it’s late, but I couldn’t fall asleep without saying how much I enjoyed our conversation tonight.

Funny Good Night Pick Up Lines

1. Good night! Don’t let the bed bugs bite, but hey, a little nibble from you would be okay.


2. If you need a bedtime story, just let me know. I’ve got a few ‘Once upon a time we met…’ tales ready.

3. Sleep tight! Remember, I’m the funny dream you look forward to at night.

4. I’m not saying I’m the reason you should sleep well, but I’m definitely the joke you’ll want to remember in the morning.

5. Good night! If you dream of me, just know I charge for guest appearances in dreams.

6. Sweet dreams! If you wake up laughing, it’s just me visiting your dream.


7. Just a friendly reminder: You owe me a good night’s sleep for making you laugh so hard today.

8. If counting sheep doesn’t work, try counting the number of times I made you laugh today.

9. Remember, if you dream of a laughing figure tonight, it’s probably me in your dreams, continuing the joke.

10. Good night! I’ll be the one in your dreams, cracking jokes and being your dream comedian.

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