49 Paragraphs for Your Ex You Want Back: Words That Work Again

Wanting back your ex isn’t a crime. In fact, it’s kind of cute!

And while there are many ways to let your ex know that you want them back, “paragraphs for your ex you want back” are incredibly effective- there is no doubt about that.

These paragraphs are well-curated to express your desires for them. They portray your heart’s love, longing, and loneliness for them like none other. Such emotional words can create a smooth bridge and be a powerful way to communicate with your lover when all other ways fail to do so.

However, if you find it difficult to express your feelings in words, the below paragraphs will help you. We have combined a list of paragraphs for your ex you want bank so that you can send it to them ASAP!


How to Write Paragraphs for Your Ex You Want Back?

Writing is a potent tool when used right, and when it comes to matters of the heart, it can be even more powerful. Here are some tips on how to begin crafting those impactful paragraphs:

  • Be sincere: Always be true to your feelings.
  • Reflect on your past relationship: Understanding what went wrong and expressing a willingness to work on those issues can show maturity and commitment to improvement.
  • State your intentions clearly: If you want your ex back, make it known in your writing. However, try not to sound too desperate or needy.
  • Be respectful: Respect their decision and their space. Acknowledge that it’s ultimately their choice whether or not they want to get back together.

Unique Paragraphs for Your Ex You Want Back

1. “I’ve spent nights wondering how things fell apart, only to realize my actions were at fault. I’m sorry for the hurt I’ve caused. It wasn’t my intention, but that doesn’t change the impact. I’m hopeful we can mend what’s broken and begin anew.”



2. “I miss the sound of your laughter echoing through our home, and I long for the warmth of your hand in mine. I’ve realized, my world is not quite right without you. If we gave our love another chance, I believe we could make it work better this time.”

3. “Hey, remember how we used to dream about our future? I still want that. I still want you. I promise to do better, to be better, for you and for us. Because without you, those dreams feel empty and far off.”

4. “We’ve been through a whirlwind of emotions, and I’ve been the cause of many. I genuinely apologize. I’ve learned from my mistakes, and I’m willing to change. I want us to start fresh, with renewed energy and love.”

5. “Every day without you has made me realize the value of our bond. I miss us, the way we were. Can we try again, one more time? I’m ready to make things right, to work on the issues we had, to work on me.”

6. “Being apart has taught me one thing: I’m incomplete without you. I believe we still have a lot to share, to experience together. Let’s give us another chance, with open hearts and minds, and a willingness to adapt.”

7. “I’m sorry for the mistakes I’ve made, and I regret letting them come between us. My heart aches for your company. Let’s try again, let’s build a stronger, more understanding ‘us’. Because my world is better with you in it.”

8. “I promise to turn a new leaf, to learn from the past and strive to be the person you deserve. I’ve realized that losing you means losing a part of me. Let’s reconnect, rebuild, and reimagine our journey together.”

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Paragraphs for Your Ex You Want Back To Make Him Cry

1. “With every tear that falls, I’m reminded of the laughter we once shared, the dreams we built together. I know I stumbled, made mistakes that I deeply regret. I’m sorry for every hurt I caused, every moment of joy that my actions turned to sorrow. I yearn for the chance to prove my reliability, to show you that I’m worthy of your trust again.”

Paragraphs for Your Ex You Want Back To Make Him Cry


2. “The taste of regret is a constant companion, and I weep for the moments I took for granted. I am sorry for the times I let you down, for the commitments I failed to uphold. I want you to know that I’m learning from my mistakes, and I am committed to becoming a man you can rely on.”

3. “I look back with teary eyes, and it’s clear to me how deeply my mistakes impacted us. I regret not being the man you deserved, not being the support you needed. I’m committed to making amends, to demonstrate my reliability, and to ensure that my actions match my words.”

4. “Tears fall as I recall our shared memories, and I feel a deep ache for the way things used to be. I’ve made mistakes, and I apologize from my heart. If you would give me a chance, I promise to be a man you can rely on, someone who learns from his past and is eager to make a better future.”

5. “As I gaze at the stars, my tears reflect the joy we once found in each other’s company. I regret not cherishing those moments, for letting my mistakes overshadow our happiness. I apologize sincerely, and I commit to making our shared starry dreams come true.”

6. “With every tear that trickles down, I relive the loving moments we created, the laughter we shared. I let my actions break that harmony, and for that, I am truly sorry. I yearn to be the man who brings laughter back into your life, who creates loving moments with you.”

7. “Tears fall as I recall our shared laughter, our shared dreams. I’m deeply sorry for letting my mistakes cloud these memories. I long for the chance to fill your life with laughter again, to dream together, to build a future like we once envisioned.”

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Paragraph To Send Your Ex-Girlfriend That You Still Love

1. I often wander down memory lane, thinking about the joy we once shared. The way your smile could light up my darkest days still makes my heart ache. I apologize for my past actions that dimmed that smile. My biggest wish is to bring back that light, to be a source of joy and happiness in your life.



2. Every day I am reminded of your radiant smile, your heartening laughter, and our shared dreams. I’ve made mistakes that I deeply regret, mistakes that led us astray. I apologize sincerely for my actions and the pain they caused. I wish for nothing more than to bring back the radiance, to fill your life with laughter and to dream together again.

3. As time goes on, it only amplifies the memories of your laughter, your love, and our shared dreams. My past actions, the pain they caused, I regret them deeply. I am truly sorry. My heart aches to bring back the joy, to dream with you, and to rekindle the love that once bound us.

4. In the quiet of the night, I recall the melody of your laughter, the comfort of your touch, and our shared dreams. My heart feels a deep sense of regret for letting my mistakes steal these moments. I apologize sincerely. I long for the chance to create beautiful moments again, to make you laugh, and to dream together.

5. As each day unfolds, the memories of our shared dreams, your laughter, and our love grow stronger. I deeply regret my actions that led to our separation. I am truly sorry. I long for the opportunity to recreate those memories, to hear your laughter, and to rekindle our love.

6. Each passing day reminds me of your laughter, our shared dreams, and the love that once was. I deeply regret my actions that led us down this path. I am profoundly sorry. My heart aches for a chance to fill your life with joy again, to dream together, and to reestablish the bond we once shared.

7. Hi there. You might find this surprising, but I want to admit that I still love you. Even though our journey together reached a bumpy end, it’s been hard to let go. There’s no animosity, only a deep affection and respect for the woman you are. I often catch myself daydreaming about the world we had built together and I wish we could rebuild it, even better this time.

8. You know, despite everything that has happened between us, I still find my heart beating to the rhythm of your name. There’s a strange kind of beauty in the way I still care for you. It’s not about clinging to the past, but embracing the love I still have for you, and hoping that maybe, just maybe, we can give it another shot.

Paragraph To Send Your Ex-Girlfriend That You Still Love


9. Hi there, I thought you should know something – I still carry a torch for you. Our past may have been flawed, but our bond was real and pure. Every single day, I find myself missing the sound of your laughter, the warmth of your touch, and the gentleness of your love. I hope one day, we can kindle our story again from where we left off.

10. Hey, I hope you’re doing great. It’s probably not what you expect to hear, but I still love you. It’s like an old song that still warms my heart every time it plays. I wonder if we could re-tune our strings, and maybe, play a melody again, a song that’s sweeter and more harmonious than ever before?

11. Hello, just wanted to tell you something. Our love story didn’t end the way we wanted, but that hasn’t stopped my heart from cherishing the love I have for you. I see the world differently because of you and even though we’re apart, I can’t help but wish for a sequel to our tale – one where we find a way back to each other.

12. Hi, just thinking of you and wanted to say that despite all, I still love you. It’s funny how we try to forget, but the heart has a way of holding on. Your essence is etched into my soul, and I find myself yearning for a second chance – a chance to rewrite our story with a better ending.

13. It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Just thought you should know that I haven’t stopped loving you. Our love story, however imperfect, still dances in my heart. I hold onto the hope that, like a well-read book, we might revisit our story, find the pages we left unwritten, and inscribe a new narrative, brighter and happier than the one before.

14. Hey, how have you been? Just thought of dropping a note to let you know that I still love you. It’s not about clinging to the past, but an acknowledgment of how deeply I care. I’d give anything to experience that kind of love again – our love, with all its imperfections and splendor. Maybe, just maybe, we could give it another try?

15. Hi, just wanted to share a thought. Despite our paths diverging, my heart still echoes with the love I have for you. I believe every love story deserves a chance to finish its last dance, and ours was cut short too soon. Who knows, perhaps we can pick up the rhythm again and dance to the song of love once more?

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Long Paragraphs for Your Ex You Want Back

1. Hi, I know it’s been a while since we last spoke, and I hope you’re doing well. I wanted to take a moment and admit something to you – I want us back. I know we had our issues, our arguments and differences, but the memories of the love we shared still glow brightly in my heart. I miss your companionship, the way you understood me, and the comfort of your presence. I truly believe we can mend what was broken and forge a stronger, happier relationship with lessons learned from our past.

Long Paragraphs for Your Ex You Want Back


2. Hey, I hope this message isn’t too much of a surprise, but I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about us lately. Amid all the nostalgia and bittersweet memories, one thought keeps coming back – I wish we could turn back the hands of time and be together again. Our love was not perfect, but it was real and deep. I still cherish those moments, and I truly believe we could create even more beautiful memories together, learning from our past and focusing on our growth as a couple.


3. Hello, I trust you’re doing well. I’m reaching out today because I’ve been doing some serious soul-searching, and one thing keeps surfacing – I want us back together. Our relationship, as imperfect as it was, held a lot of beautiful moments. Moments that I still hold dear and ones I’d love to re-experience with you. I know we had our differences, but I truly believe with open communication and mutual respect, we can bridge our gaps and create a relationship that is more in tune with who we are now.


4. Hey there, I hope you’ve been okay. I wanted to let you know that I’ve been thinking about us and the possibility of giving our relationship another shot. I realize now more than ever that our love was genuine, our connection deep, and despite the challenges, there was more joy than sorrow. I’ve grown and learned so much about myself and relationships in our time apart. If you’re open to it, I’d like us to use this newfound wisdom to forge a stronger bond, one that is more mindful, understanding, and loving.


5. Hi, I hope life’s treating you well. I’ve been reminiscing about us and the journey we’ve had. Despite our differences and the hurdles we faced, I’ve come to realize that I want us back together. The echoes of our laughter, the warmth of our shared moments, and the comfort of being understood are things I miss deeply. I believe we could turn our past experiences into lessons for a more mature, loving, and harmonious relationship. I’m not asking for immediate reconciliation, but I would love the chance to prove my commitment to making things work.


6. Hello, I hope you’re well. I wanted to share something that’s been on my mind lately – I want us back. Yes, we had our share of struggles and disagreements, but beneath it all was a love that I’ve realized is hard to find. I miss the ease of our conversations, the warmth of your smile, and the shared dreams that made us unique. I understand that things can’t go back to exactly how they were, but I’m hoping we could build something new, something stronger, grounded in mutual understanding and respect.


7. Hi, it’s been a while since we last spoke, and I hope you’ve been well. I wanted to let you know that I’ve spent many nights pondering our past, and it’s led me to a conclusion – I want us back together. I miss the camaraderie, the shared dreams, and the joy of loving and being loved by you. I know we can’t erase our past, but I truly believe we can write a new chapter. One that is built on the lessons from our past and the mutual desire for a better future.


8. Hello, I trust this message finds you well. I’m reaching out because I’ve had time to reflect on our relationship and I want us back. I long for the connection we once had, the mutual understanding, and the comfort of your love. I’m not the same person who you said goodbye to; I’ve grown and learned from our past, and I am prepared to invest in our future. I’m willing to put in the work, communicate more openly, and be more understanding. I want us to learn from our past, not live in it.


9. Hey, hope you’re doing good. I wanted to open up about something – I want us back together. Yes, we had our fair share of ups and downs, but the love we shared was unique, something I haven’t been able to find since. I miss your presence, the comfort it brought, and the joy of shared experiences. I’ve had time to reflect and grow, and I believe we could use these lessons to nurture a more balanced, caring, and fulfilling relationship. I hope we can use our past not as a deterrent but as a stepping stone to a stronger bond.

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I Miss You Paragraph For Your Ex You Want Back

1. Hello, it’s been a while, hasn’t it? I’m writing this message to let you know that I miss you. Do you remember the night we spent stargazing in your backyard? We wrapped ourselves in a blanket and made wishes on shooting stars. Those moments of shared dreams and comfortable silence were golden. After we parted ways, life has felt a bit colder, a bit quieter. I hope that someday, we could find ourselves under the same sky, breathing the same air, making wishes, and working towards a shared future.



2. Hey there, I hope life’s treating you well. I’ve been reminiscing about our shared memories, and it hit me hard – I miss you. I miss our late-night ice cream runs and the delight in your eyes with every spoonful. Now, every trip to the ice cream parlor feels incomplete. I dream of a future where we could relive those innocent, joyful moments, and maybe, add more flavors to our story.


3. Hi, I just wanted you to know that I miss you. Remember our camping trip to the mountains, the way we huddled together in front of the fire, sharing stories and marshmallows? Now, the crackle of the fire only reminds me of your absence. Despite the pain, I hold onto the hope that one day, we might find ourselves lost in nature again, creating new memories amidst the old trees and under the starlit sky.


4. Hello, I’ve been thinking about you lately. Do you remember our cooking experiments in your kitchen? How we made a mess but also the most delicious pasta ever? Now, every bite I take reminds me of you. I wish for a future where we can recreate those delicious moments, and perhaps, this time, create a recipe for a perfect relationship as well.


5. Hello, I trust this message finds you well. I miss you. I miss the simple things, like the way you would hold my hand during a movie, giving me a sense of comfort and security. Now, every movie feels incomplete without you by my side. I envision a future where we can once again share the joy of watching films together, hand in hand, and heart to heart.


6. Hey, I hope you’re doing great. I’ve been reminiscing about the times we spent together, and it dawned on me that I miss you. I miss our shared silence, like when we were engrossed in our books at the local library. The silence feels heavier now, more pronounced. I yearn for a day when we can return to those quiet moments, each engrossed in a book, yet feeling complete in each other’s presence.

I Miss You Paragraph For Your Ex You Want Back


7. Hello, I hope you’re doing okay. I miss you. I miss our long walks on the beach, the sand under our feet, the sea breeze in our hair. Now, each footstep feels a bit heavier, the sea a bit quieter. But with each crashing wave, I hope for a day when we can once again walk along the shore, leaving footprints of a love reborn.


8. Hey, I’ve been meaning to tell you this – I miss you. I miss our shared excitement over small victories, like finally finishing a thousand-piece jigsaw puzzle. Now, every piece I place reminds me of you. But as I piece together another puzzle, I dream of a future where we can celebrate little victories together, one piece at a time, one day at a time.


9. Hello, I trust you’re well. I miss you. I miss how we’d chase sunrises, witnessing nature’s marvel, hand in hand. Now, every sunrise seems a bit dimmer without you. But as the sun rises each day, I hope for a new dawn in our relationship, a chance for us to bask in the warmth of our love once more.


10. Hey there, I’ve been thinking about you. I miss you. I miss the way you’d get excited over a new video game release. Now, every game feels a little less exciting without you. But as I navigate through another virtual world, I envision a future where we can once again share the joy of gaming, making our way through challenges, just like in our love story.


Final Thoughts

Navigating the path back to a past relationship can be complex, but it’s often the unspoken words and unexpressed feelings that make it harder. Crafting a sincere, heartfelt paragraph to an ex you want back can help bridge this communication gap. It allows you to articulate your feelings, your regrets, and your hopes for a potential future together.

Remember, sincerity is key, and respect for your ex’s feelings is paramount. While we hope these paragraphs help in expressing your emotions, the rest is up to destiny. No matter what happens, remember that it’s all a part of your journey in love and growth.

Stay tuned with us for more relationship advice, as we continue to explore the art of love, forgiveness, and new beginnings.

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