66 Best Soul Tired Quotes: Finding Comfort in Words

Soul-tiredness and soul tired quotes are a real thing!

Sometimes, even when your body isn’t tired, your soul might suffer from a weariness that exhausts you beyond words. Even though it’s not a disease, it has the ability to drain you and get the best of you. Nothing in the world excites you anymore.

Even though it sounds too frustrating and sad, inspiring words, texts, and quotes can provide a glimmer of hope and happiness to anyone going through such a horrible situation. The right set of soul tired quotes gives you wisdom, empathy, and comfort and helps you resonate with your innermost struggles. The power of these texts is beyond explanation!

So, to revive your soul and find peace, go through the following quotes! You might also send them to others to lift up their spirits greatly.


Practical Tips and Strategies When Your Soul is Tired 

  • Prioritize Self Care: Self care isn’t a fad – it’s vital. Set up a routine that brings wellness to both your body and soul. Exercise regularly, eat well, get plenty of sleep, and take time out to lose yourself in a good book or enjoy your favorite tunes.
  • Befriend Nature: Nature has a magical healing touch. Wander in the park, tend your garden, or simply sit by the waterside. Embrace the tranquility, let it wrap you in its calming arms.
  • Practice Mindfulness and Meditation: Being present in the ‘now’ can help unload past burdens and mute future worries. Meditation, similarly, can soothe a worn-out soul by calming the mind.
  • Get Creative: Channel your feelings into creativity. Write, paint, play music, or cook up a storm. This is your expressive outlet, an escape valve for pent-up emotions.
  • Connect with Loved Ones: Reach out to those who get you, who support you. Pour your feelings out to them. Sometimes, a heartfelt chat with a loved one can make the soul’s load feel lighter.
  • Don’t Hesitate to Seek Professional Help:If your soul’s weariness lingers or if you’re feeling desolate or hopeless, get professional help. Therapists and counselors are there to guide you through this.
  •  Practice Gratitude: Even in tough times, there’s always something to be grateful for. Keep a gratitude journal, and jot down daily entries of things you appreciate – this will help shift your lens from negative to positive.

Unique 20 Soul Tired Quotes

1. “Tiredness of the soul is just the universe’s way of saying you’ve been strong for too long. Now it’s time to rest, to recharge, and to allow the gentle waves of healing to wash over you.”

Unique Soul Tired Quotes


2. “Strength comes in so many forms. Not just the physical strength, but to understand the emotional strength. To have the emotional vulnerability, to show that’s not a weakness.” — Cory Barlog

3. “Feeling soul-tired means you’ve wandered through life’s storms. It’s proof of your resilience, and a reminder to bask in the soothing rays of self-care.”

4. “Wide awake as your soul remains tired. sitting silently under the moon as your mind continues to scream. You’re losing yourself, you’re losing sleep but he’s losing you. Some time soon, the thought of him will no longer keep you up at night.” – R H Sin

5. “I’m smiled out, talked out, quipped out, socialized so far from any being, I need the weight of mortal silences to get realized back into myself.” — John Ciardi

6. “In the silent corners of a soul tired, you find the echo of your deepest yearnings. Listen to them. They’re roadmaps to a more fulfilling existence.”

7. “It’s important to surround yourself with good people, interesting people, young people, young ideas. Go places, learn new stuff. Look at the world with wonder – don’t be tired about it.” Angela Bassett

Unique Soul Tired Quotes

8. “Rest when you’re weary. Refresh and renew yourself, your body, your mind, your spirit. Then get back to work.” Ralph Marston

9. “A person gets tired. The mind or the soul or whatever word we have for whatever is not just the body gets tired, and this, I have decided, is – usually, mostly – nature helping us. I was getting tired. I think – but I don’t know – that he was getting tired too.” – Elizabeth Strout

10. “The soul always knows what to do to heal itself. The challenge is to silence the mind.” – Caroline Myss

11. “Let no one be slow to seek wisdom when he is young nor weary in the search of it when he has grown old. For no age is too early or too late for the health of the soul.” Epicurus

12. “The sigh of a tired soul isn’t a whisper of surrender; it’s a call to return home, back to the roots of your inner peace.”

13. “You first feel alright before you suddenly stop when your body gives up.” – Nick Sparks

14. “In every tired soul lies an uncharted path leading to rest, renewal, and the sweet release of burdens carried for too long.”

15. “You’ve done enough. It’s okay to be tired. You can take a break.” – Shauna Niequist



16. “People cry, not because they’re weak. It’s because they’ve been strong for too long.” – Johnny Depp

17. “Being soul-tired isn’t about being broken; it’s about becoming aware of your need for balance, harmony, and the grace of self-compassion.”

18. “When the mind is tired, or the soul is disquieted, let us go to the woods and fill our lungs with the rain-washed and the sun-cleansed air, and our hearts with the beauty of tree, flower, crystal, and gem.” – Elizabeth Gilbert

19. “Embrace the weariness of your soul; it’s a sign you’ve danced with life’s challenges. Now, let the music soften, rest your feet, and sway gently in the soothing silence.”

20. “Tired, but not the kind of tired that sleep fixes.”― Maureen Johnson

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Deep Tired Soul Quotes

1. I want to explain how exhausted I am. Even in my sleep and how I wake up tired. How some black wave is drowning me. ― Elizabeth Wurtzel

Deep Tired Soul Quotes


2. “Sometimes, my soul feels like an autumn leaf, slowly wilting away. It’s a tiredness that seeps into my spirit, painting my world in hues of melancholy.”

3. “It is absolutely terrifying the kind of deep suffering the happiest looking people are able to hide inside themselves.” – Nikita Gill

4. “Sometimes my soul feels like an old, faded photograph, carrying the weight of countless memories, worn and weary from the journey of life.”

5. “My silence means I am tired of fighting, and now there is nothing left to fight for. My silence means I am tired of explaining my feelings to you, but now I don’t have the energy to explain them anymore. My silence means I have adapted to the changes in my life, and I don’t want to complain. My silence means I am in a self-healing process, and I am trying to forget everything I ever wanted from you. My silence means I am just trying to move on gracefully with all my dignity.” — Aarti Khurana

6. “Behind the mask of joy and laughter, there’s a silent conversation of the soul, a hidden story of a spirit wrestling with the profound fatigue of existence.”

7. “There’s an enigma of weariness that sleep can’t touch, a labyrinth of tiredness that even dreams can’t navigate. It’s as if my soul is walking through a never-ending night, yearning for the dawn.”

8. “All it takes is a beautiful fake smile to hide an injured soul and they will never notice how broken you really are.” — Robin Williams​

9. “In the quiet corners of my heart, there’s a fatigue that whispers tales of journeys taken, paths chosen, and battles fought. It’s the gentle sigh of a soul yearning for peace.”

10. “Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of the overcoming of it.” – Helen Keller

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Soul Tired Quotes For Heavy Heart

1. “The emotion that can break your heart is sometimes the very one that heals it…” – Nicholas Sparks, ‘At First Sight’

Soul Tired Quotes For Heavy Heart


2. “Heavy hearts, like heavy clouds in the sky, are best relieved by the letting of a little water.” – Christopher Morley

3. “When your soul is weary and your heart is heavy, remember that even the mightiest oak tree loses its leaves in autumn only to bloom in the spring.”

4. “The cure for a broken heart is simple, my lady. A hot bath and a good night’s sleep.” – Margaret George

5. “A heavy heart is not a sign of weakness, but a badge of courage. It shows you’ve loved, lost, and dared to love again.”

6. “The human heart has a way of making itself large again even after it’s been broken into a million pieces.” – Robert James Waller

7. “A heavy heart is the result of holding on to things you should let go.”

8. “Blessed are those with cracks in their broken heart because that is how the light gets in.” – Shannon L. Alder

Soul Tired Quotes For Heavy Heart


9. “Just as the moon cradles the darkness to bring forth light, allow your heavy heart to embrace its sorrow, knowing that joy awaits on the horizon.”

10. “Hearts will never be practical until they can be made unbreakable.” – L. Frank Baum, ‘The Wonderful Wizard of Oz’

11. “Let your tears come. Let them water your soul.” – Eileen Mayhew

12. “The most critical time in any battle is not when I’m fatigued, it’s when I no longer care.” — Craig D. Lounsbrough

13. “With each beat, your heavy heart is writing a story of strength and resilience. Listen to it. It’s telling you: ‘You’re stronger than you think.'”

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Inspirational Quotes When You Feel Soul Tired

1. “Strength comes in so many forms. Not just the physical strength, but to understand the emotional strength. To have emotional vulnerability, to show that’s not a weakness.” – Cory Barlog

2. “It’s important to surround yourself with good people, interesting people, young people, young ideas. Go places, learn new stuff. Look at the world with wonder – don’t be tired about it.” – Angela Bassett

3. “Even when you have every right to be tired of everything, never be tired of living.” — Terry Mark

4. “No matter how tired you feel, no matter how much you want to quit, no matter what obstacles are in your way, keep moving toward the vision you have for your future.” — Jon Gordon

5. “I am someone who can’t hold on to negativity or hold on to grudges. I might feel something at a certain point, but I get tired after that. I don’t carry it with me. I forgive and forget very easily, and that’s the only way to be happy and peaceful.” – Deepika Padukone

6. “Courage is not having the strength to go on; it is going on when you don’t have the strength.” — Theodore Roosevelt

7. “You never know how strong you are until being strong is your only choice.” – Bob Marley

8. “Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars.” – Kahlil Gibran

9. “If you’re tired of trying but you still want to try then my advice to you is to not try. Your soul is tired, and no magic happens when the soul is tired. Rest, my love. Tomorrow you’ll be stronger, better and wilder. I promise.” — Juansen Dizon

10. “Ring the bells that still can ring. Forget your perfect offering. There is a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.” – Leonard Cohen

11. “Sometimes you don’t realize your own strength until you come face to face with your greatest weakness.” – Susan Gale

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Soul Tired Quotes For Stress Relief

1. “Within you, there is a stillness and a sanctuary to which you can retreat at any time and be yourself.” – Hermann Hesse



2. “If the ocean can calm itself, so can you. We are both saltwater mixed with air.” – Nayyirah Waheed

3. “Remember, your soul is an ocean. Sometimes, the waves might get rough, but beneath the surface, there is always calm.”

4. “Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you.” – Anne Lamott

5. “Breathe. Inhale tranquility, exhale stress. Repeat until your soul feels lighter.”

6. “There is more to life than increasing its speed.” – Mahatma Gandhi

7. “The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another.” – William James

Soul Tired Quotes For Stress Relief


8. “Tension is who you think you should be. Relaxation is who you are.” – Chinese Proverb

9. “Even the weariest soul can find solace in the quiet corners of the night. Let the silence of the stars bring tranquility to your heart.”

10. “Your mind will answer most questions if you learn to relax and wait for the answer.” – William S. Burroughs

11. “Give your stress wings and let it fly away.” – Terri Guillemet

12. “The most critical time in any battle is not when I’m fatigued, it’s when I no longer care.” — Craig D. Lounsbrough

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