50 Best Yoda Quotes From The Star Wars Saga

Every Star Wars fan knows the famous creation of George Lucas, Yoda, as a legendary Jedi master. This funny-looking character has trained generations of Jedi, ultimately becoming the Grand Master of the Jedi order. Yoda quotes are always in demand because the green mentor inspires people with memorable sayings.

During the Clone Wars, he played a vital role in defending the Republic. Yoda passed on the Jedi tradition to Luke Skywalker, leading to immortality. The audience loved Yoda for its unique and endearing way of speaking.

He is the wisest character because he imparts lessons in a simple yet fantastic way. The audience and his students learned about leadership from Master Yoda. He is one of the oldest Jedi ever to live.

It is said that the words of Yoda are like a story in motion pictures, having relevance in real-life situations. So, let’s look at some of the well-known Yoda quotes.


What is the philosophy of Yoda?

The philosophy of Yoda, the ancient Jedi Master from the Star Wars universe, centers on the understanding and mastery of the Force, a metaphysical energy that binds the galaxy together. Yoda emphasizes the importance of balance, self-discipline, and inner peace. He believes in letting go of attachment, fear, and anger, as these emotions lead one down the path to the dark side. Yoda also highlights the significance of learning from failures, understanding that they are an essential part of growth and wisdom. Central to his teachings is the idea that a Jedi’s strength comes from being in harmony with the Force and using it for knowledge and defense, not for attack. Throughout the series, Yoda consistently promotes humility, patience, and the pursuit of wisdom over power

Most Famous Line Of Yoda:

Yoda’s most famous line, often quoted and referenced in popular culture, is:

“Do, or do not. There is no try.”

This line encapsulates Yoda’s philosophy on commitment and the importance of fully dedicating oneself to an action or task. It was spoken to Luke Skywalker in “The Empire Strikes Back” when Luke was struggling with doubt and a lack of confidence in his abilities.


Top 50 Memorable Yoda Quotes 

1. “Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering.”

Memorable Yoda Quotes 


2.  “Do, or do not. There is no try.”

3. “In a dark place we find ourselves, and a little more knowledge lights our way.”

4. “Size matters not. Look at me. Judge me by my size, do you?”

5. “Always pass on what you have learned.”

6. “Difficult to see. Always in motion is the future.”

7. “When you look at the dark side, careful you must be. For the dark side looks back.”

8. “Train yourself to let go of everything you fear to lose.”

9. “Much to learn, you still have.”

10. “The greatest teacher, failure is.”

11. “Wars not make one great.”

Memorable Yoda Quotes 


12. “Death is a natural part of life. Rejoice for those around you who transform into the Force.”

13. “Truly wonderful, the mind of a child is.”

14. “Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter.”

15. “Patience you must have, my young Padawan.”

16. “Much to learn you still have…my old Padawan. This is just the beginning!”

17. “When 900 years old you reach, look as good you will not.”

18. “Pass on what you have learned. Strength, mastery. But weakness, folly, failure also. Yes, failure most of all. The greatest teacher, failure is.”

19. “A Jedi uses the Force for knowledge and defense, never for attack.”

20. “You must unlearn what you have learned.”

21. “In the end, cowards are those who follow the dark side.”

Memorable Yoda Quotes 


22. “Adventure. Heh. Excitement. Heh. A Jedi craves not these things.”

23. “Reckless he is. Matters are worse.”

24. “Decide you must, how to serve them best. If you leave now, help them you could; but you would destroy all for which they have fought, and suffered.”

25. “Through the Force, things you will see. Other places. The future… the past. Old friends long gone.”

26. “Happens to every guy sometimes this does.”

27. “Yes, a Jedi’s strength flows from the Force. But beware of the dark side. Anger, fear, aggression; the dark side of the Force are they.”

28. “So certain were you. Go back and closer you must look.”

29. “Younglings, younglings gather ’round.”

30. “Twisted by the dark side, young Skywalker has become. The boy you trained, gone he is… Consumed by Darth Vader.”

31. “Ready are you? What know you of ready? For eight hundred years have I trained Jedi. My own counsel will I keep on who is to be trained.”

Memorable Yoda Quotes 


32. “Clear your mind must be, if you are to discover the real villains behind this plot.”

33. “To answer power with power, the Jedi way this is not. In this war, a danger there is, of losing who we are.”

34. “Feel the Force around you; here, between you, me, the tree, the rock, everywhere!”

35. “To be Jedi is to face the truth, and choose. Give off light, or darkness, Padawan. Be a candle or the night.”

36. “The dark side clouds everything. Impossible to see the light, the future is.”

37. “You will find only what you bring in.”

38. “Your weapons, you will not need them.”

39. “If no mistake you have made, yet losing you are … a different game you should play.”

40. “Always two there are, no more, no less. A master and an apprentice.”

41. “Named must your fear be before banish it you can.”

Memorable Yoda Quotes 


42. “The shadow of greed, that is. Train yourself to let go of everything you fear to lose.”

43. “Lost a planet, Master Obi-Wan has. How embarrassing.”

44. “Difficult to see. Always in motion is the future.”

45. “Secret, shall I tell you? Grand Master of Jedi Order am I. Won this job in a raffle I did, think you? ‘How did you know, how did 46. you know, Master Yoda?’ Master Yoda knows these things. His job it is.”

46. “Soon will I rest, yes, forever sleep. Earned it I have. Twilight is upon me, soon night must fall.”

47. “Once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny, consume you it will.”

48. “Your path you must decide.”

49. “Mmm. Lost a planet, Master Kenobi has. How embarrassing.”

50. “In this war, a danger there is, of losing who we are.”

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