60 Romantic 4 month Anniversary Wishes to Celebrate Love 

Celebrate this 4 month journey that you two have been on with an abundance of love and joy.

These 4 month anniversary wishes will help you kick start your celebration on a romantic note. All you have to do is pick the one that feels the most resonating to you and your significant other.

Simply choosing to love your partner and be willing to go through the challenges together without letting the love fade away is what marriage is about. It is a commitment that you two have made to one another and are going strong at keeping it, hence your efforts and love both are worth celebrating. Go nuts and have the best time.

Text these 4 month anniversary wishes at midnight or write a long, sweet message with a combination of the wishes you like in your anniversary card. Either way, make them feel all giddy and loved.


Romantic Happy 4 Month Anniversary Wishes

1. Happy 4 months! Here’s to another four months just like this one full of romance and joy!



2. Congratulations on our 4th month together. I love every minute we spend together – let’s keep counting them forever!

3. A big high-five for us reaching a full 4 months together! Here’s to an even longer future ahead filled with more love and happiness than ever before.

4. Wishing us both a happy 4 month anniversary today as we celebrate the first few months of a wonderful relationship filled with laughter and fun!

5. We have gone stronger than I ever imagined in just 4 quick months – cheers to an amazing journey ahead of us already nearly halfway through year one!

6. Who knew at the beginning that it would be this great? To celebrate our incredible 4 months together, let’s do something extra special tonight – my treat!



7. Everyday is better when I am with you – happy 4 month anniversary baby! Let’s make this last night forever as we look forward to more and more wonderful days and moments together as time goes by.

8. Thanks for being such a romantic partner over the past few months – happy four month anniversary my one and only love! Can’t wait for what usual random surprises to come next in our relationship to continue evolving from each other day by day?

9. It’s truly incredible to reflect on the past four months we’ve shared. It’s been a time of exploring new cultures, overcoming language barriers, and engaging in countless adventures together. Whether it’s discovering new eateries or testing my culinary skills, every moment feels as if we’re nurturing our relationship, like a garden that’s tenderly watered each day. Our shared joy has filled the room, replacing any potential tears with laughter and creating a comforting warmth. These memories we’re creating today are more than just momentary flickers; they’re beacons that will light up our tomorrows. I yearn for the years to fly by quickly so we can transition into the comforting roles of old grandparents, recounting our tales of adventures and laughter under the glow of the moonlight. The love we’ve fostered is as infinite as the universe and the memories we’ve created are ours to hold forever. The joy we share makes me realize how much of a miracle it has been to find you.

10. On this, our four-month anniversary, I reflect on the wonder of our journey so far, and I eagerly anticipate the world that awaits us. We’ve come so far, and with each blessing that comes our way, I find myself increasingly grateful. Your presence in my life feels as though it was destined, and the comfort that you bring is unparalleled. The rhythm of my heart syncs with yours, making it beat three hundred times faster. In you, I have found my mentor, my constant, and my eternal love. As we continue to navigate the vast universe of our relationship, I am overwhelmed by the magic we are creating in each moment. Our relationship, though young, is as steadfast as any, carrying a promise of love that defies all odds. Every day feels like a special anniversary and every moment a celebration.

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4th Month Anniversary Wishes For Husband

1. “Happy 4 month anniversary, my love! Remember that time we almost missed our flight because we were too engrossed in our breakfast pancakes? You always know how to make me smile. Here’s to many more moments filled with joy and laughter!”

4th Month Anniversary Wishes For Husband


2. “Darling, in these past four months, I’ve learned two things: you make the best espresso martinis, and you’re the best husband a girl could ever wish for. Happy 4 month anniversary, my hilarious, kind-hearted love!”

3. “Babe, remember the time we were lost in Venice during our honeymoon and you managed to turn it into an exciting adventure? Happy 4 month anniversary! You truly are my compass in every sense.”

4. “Happy 4 month anniversary to the man who made me believe that love can be as spicy as our infamous curry incident. Thank you for taking care of me and teaching me that we should stick to less challenging recipes.”

5. “Oh, darling! It’s been four months since we started this beautiful journey. Remember the time when you used a map upside down and we ended up having an unplanned adventure? Can’t wait for more such delightful detours with you. Happy anniversary!”

6. “Four months down, forever to go, my love! And don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about our little dance-off at the honeymoon suite. Happy anniversary, my adorable dance king!”

4th Month Anniversary Wishes For Husband


7. “Happy 4 month anniversary, my love. The way you handled the ‘no room service’ mishap during our honeymoon proved to me once more that there’s nothing we can’t conquer together – even hunger!”

8. “Here’s to four months of sheer bliss, belly laughs, and our unique ‘lost luggage’ adventure. Happy anniversary, my love. You truly are my partner in crime!”

9. “Happy anniversary, darling! Four months of laughing, loving, and learning – like when we found out that neither of us knows how to put up a tent. Cheers to many more unforgettable moments together!”

10. “Happy 4 month anniversary to the man who’s won my heart with his endless patience, especially during the ‘forgot the passport’ incident. You are my rock, my laughter, my forever. Here’s to many more beautiful moments together!”

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4 Month Anniversary Wishes For Wife

1. “Happy four month rollercoaster ride, love! I’ve loved waking up next to you every day and can’t wait for more. Here’s to countless more of these joyous anniversaries!”

4 Month Anniversary Wishes For Wife


2. “To my stunning wife, happy anniversary! You’ve sprinkled love and joy all over my life these past four months. I’m the luckiest guy to have you!”

3. “Four months ago, we said ‘I do’ and it still feels like a dream. You’ve made every day a fairy tale. Here’s to more months filled with love and togetherness.”

4. “Every beat of my heart says your name, my love. You’ve filled these four months with pure bliss. Words fail to express how much I love you. Happy anniversary!”

5. “Happy four month anniversary, my sunshine! You fill my world with light. Your love makes every day a celebration. Here’s to the future filled with love.”

6. “Four months of pure love, my soulmate! You’ve stood by my side, always. You are my strength, my support. Here’s to a lifetime of growing old together.”

4 Month Anniversary Wishes For Wife


7. “It’s our 4 month anniversary, love! Every day has been a laughter-filled adventure. I cherish our bond and look forward to cherishing it forever.”

8. “Happy anniversary, my love! You stole my heart the day we met, and these four months deepened my love for you. I’m excited about our shared future.”

9. “Happy anniversary to my better half! These four months have been filled with love and growth. I wouldn’t want anyone else by my side on this adventure.”

10. “Happy four month anniversary, my confidant! You are my friend, my love, and my everything. I am lucky to be loved by you. Here’s to us, forever and always!”


4 Month Anniversary Messages For Boyfriend

1. “Hey, love. Can you believe it’s been 4 months since we first locked eyes? What a ride, right? From all our laughing fits over spilled coffee to peaceful late-night walks. You’ve made everything so much better.”

4 Month Anniversary Messages For Boyfriend


2. “Happy 4 months! Remember the day we first met? You, gallantly helping me gather my groceries – I knew then you were special. Looking forward to many more months of our shared craziness.”

3. “Honey, happy 4 month anniversary! This ride with you has been wilder than any roller coaster. And the best part? Having you by my side, through all the ups and downs. I love you.”

4. “Four months ago, we took the leap, and boy, what a joyride! You’ve made me feel like I’m living in a romance novel, and I’m loving every page. Happy anniversary, my prince!”

5. “It’s our day, babe! It’s been four months since I quite literally fell into your life and found my better half. Each day with you has been a precious gift, and I can’t wait for more.”

6. “Happy 4 months to the man who’s turned my life into the most wonderful chaos. From our disastrous dance lessons to ice cream dates – every day is a new adventure with you.”

4 Month Anniversary Messages For Boyfriend


7. “To the one who makes ordinary days extraordinary – Happy 4 months! From singing out loud at karaoke to the quiet mornings together, every moment is priceless. Here’s to us!”

8. “4 months in and every moment feels like a dream. From our wild karaoke nights to the serenity of our mornings together, you’ve filled my days with happiness. Happy anniversary!”

9. “Hey, sweetheart, happy 4 month anniversary! It’s been nothing short of magical. Remember our kitchen disasters and movie nights? Each day with you brings new joy. Can’t wait for more!”

10. “Happy 4 months, love! From our surprise picnics to the endless laughter on car rides, every moment adds a beautiful layer to our story. Excited to see what the future holds for us!”


4 Month Anniversary Wishes For Girlfriend

1. “Happy 4 month anniversary, my love. From the moment I first laid my eyes on you, I knew you were someone special. Every day with you is a new adventure and I cherish the moments we create together.”

4 Month Anniversary Wishes For Girlfriend


2. “To the girl who walked into my life and turned it into an enchanting fairytale, happy 4 month anniversary! I’m still in awe of that magic in your eyes when we first met. Your love, laughter and caring nature are gifts that I will forever treasure.”

3. “On this special day, I just want to remind you how truly cherished you are. Happy 4-month anniversary, sweetheart! Your care and affection during these months have been the best cure for all of life’s chaos.”

4. “Hey cutie, happy 4-month mark! Your laughter these past months has been my favourite soundtrack and your smile, my favourite sight. You ready to keep this fun-filled roller coaster going? Because I’m strapped in for the ride.”

5. “Four months of sweet chaos, laughter, and unforgettable you-and-me shenanigans! Happy anniversary, darling. Can’t wait for more goofy dances in the kitchen, failed cooking experiments, and moments that make this adventure oh so fun!”

6. “Happy 4-month anniversary to the woman who makes my heart do a happy dance every day! Waking up to your sleepy smile is my favourite sunrise, and whispering goodnight is my favourite sunset. Promise to stay in this 24/7 joy cycle with me?”

4 Month Anniversary Wishes For Girlfriend


7. “Happy 4-month anniversary, to the one who sweetened my life more than a truckload of honey! Your presence is as comforting as my morning tea. Here’s to many more months of you, me, and our deliciously sweet story.”

8. “Happy 4-month anniversary, my love! From our clumsy first encounter to the smiles we share now, it’s been a wild and wonderful ride. Let’s keep penning this epic tale of ‘us’, filled with more smiles and less tripping, okay?”

9. “Four months of loving you and it’s been a blast! Your laughter, love, and even your questionable movie picks have turned ordinary moments into extraordinary memories. So, my dear, buckle up because our laugh track is set to play on repeat.”

10. “Happy 4-month anniversary, babe! Our love story is like a string of beautiful moments, making up the melody of ‘us’. Ready to keep composing this love symphony for a lifetime? Because with you, even wrong notes sound right.”

11. “To my partner-in-crime, happy 4-month anniversary! From movie marathons to late-night snack raids, every moment with you has been pure fun. Here’s to more shenanigans and our shared love for fridge leftovers. Let the fun continue!”


4 Month Anniversary Letter For Your Love

1. My sweetheart,

I remember the moment I first saw you and it feels like no time has passed since then. I am so blessed to have you in my life and today marks four wonderful months together! You are one of the most important people in my life and I am grateful to share our days together. I love you and can’t wait to see what our future holds for us!

4 Month Anniversary Letter For Your Love


2. Dear love,

Our love is like nothing else – it’s beautiful, passionate, and full of joy! Today marks four amazing months together and I couldn’t be prouder or more delighted by our journey so far! Here’s to many more months of laughter, romance, and blissful moments spent together!


3. Hi sweetheart,

Today is our 4th month anniversary and while I won’t get into all the sappy details…I wanted to tell you how happy I am that we are celebrating this milestone together. You make me so incredibly happy every day, never let me forget that every second we spend together is cherished! Love you forever!


4. Hello gorgeous,

As we get ready for our fourth month anniversary celebration tonight, all I can think about is how fortunate I am to have such an amazing girlfriend like you by my side. The last four months have been beyond special and today marks just the beginning of years full of still more loving memories made together. You are my everything <3


5. Hey baby,

This letter definitely won’t do justice to all the feelings I have for you but here it goes anyway…it’s been 4 months since we got together but feels like only yesterday when we first met each other..these 4 months with u hv been nothing less than magical..Ohh How lucky i feel 2 hav found u babe!! Can’t wait 2 celebrate each nd everyday WITH U..Happy Anniv !


6. Dearest love,

Four short yet very pleasant months have passed since we started dating…time flys when your having fun doesn’t it? It was here today gone tomorrow kind of situation…just kidding…the moment i set eyes on u….i knew i wanted that feeling inside me FOREVER…..Love u SO much sweety pie…. Happy Four Month Anniversary xo !!!


7. Darling,

I don’t even know where those past four months went! We’ve done so many wonderful things together – no wonder time flew by without us noticing it at all! This anniversary was just another reminder how incredibly blessed I am with having such a loving girlfriend like yourself in my life – let’s celebrate many more anniversaries as long as there’ll be reasons for us both to believein each other!


Romantic Poem For 4 Month Anniversary

1. “A Poem of Commitment

A commitment made on our fabulous day

For now and forever, I’m here to stay

I’ll stick with you from dark until dawn

Knowing moments like these won’t last too long

You’re my one true soulmate in every way

Happiness abounds us throughout our four months’ stay.”

Poem For 4 Month Anniversary


2. “A Poem of Admiration

You fill my days with so much joy and glee

My endless admiration belongs only to thee

Your laughter makes me smile each day without fail

I’ll forever adore you, no matter what comes our way

Happy 4 month Anniversary today – We’ve been together through it all – Oh what a wonderful journey awaits our fall!”


3. “Four months since the seeds were sown,

Of a love that’s beautifully grown.

Happy Anniversary, from us to you,

May your love forever stay true.”


4. “Four months, oh how time flies,

Yet, your love, it never dies.

A toast to you, and to this beautiful day,

May joy in your hearts forever stay.”


5. “In four months, you’ve made a home,

In each other’s hearts, you freely roam.

Here’s to your journey, here’s to your cheer,

May your love flourish, year after year.”

Poem For 4 Month Anniversary


6. “Four months of laughter, four months of grace,

The love in your eyes, time can’t erase.

Happy Anniversary, on this wonderful date,

Your love story is indeed, something great.”


7. “Underneath the stars above,

Four months of pure, undying love.

Happy Anniversary, from us, with delight,

May your future together always be bright.”


8. “Like spring’s first bloom, or a sunset’s hue,

In four months, a love so true.

Happy Anniversary, from heart to heart,

May you never find a moment apart.”


9. “May you treasure, in joy and in strife,

These first four months of married life.

Happy Anniversary, the bond you share,

Proves love is kind, love is fair.”


10. “Here’s to four months, to the laughter and the tears,

To the love you’ll share through all the years.

Happy Anniversary, may your love sing,

The melody that only true love can bring.”


11. “In four short months, you’ve come so far,

Two souls entwined, like the brightest star.

Happy Anniversary, may you forever be,

A testament of love, for all to see.”

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