100+ Fun Basketball Pick-up Lines to Score Big!

So, you wish to sweep your basketball crush right off their feet and score?

Then these basketball pick-up lines are THE pick-up lines for you. Whether you wish to be cool, subtle, cute, smart, funny or else go cheesy and corny, you’ll find what you’re looking for.

It is no wonder that dating is hard but it is harder to break that initial tension as it requires one to gather courage and be confident to initiate a conversation. These pick-up lines will help you feel confident because they’re so good that you know they’ll work anyhow.

So, hold on to the excitement that’s bubbling up and keep it fun. Put on your favourite basketball fit and sway them with your charm or be in your cutest pyjamas and slide into their DMs to give your best shot.


Best Basketball Pick Up Lines

1. “Are you a basketball? Because when I see you, all I want to do is shoot my shot.”

Best Basketball Pick Up Lines


2. “Are you a 3-point shot? Because you’re nothing but net.”

3. “Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I dribble past again?”

4. “Are you a basketball player? Because you’ve got me jumping through hoops.”

5. “Are you LeBron? Because you’re the only King I see.”

6. “You must be a slam dunk, because you’re making my heart jump.”

7. “Girl, are you a free throw? Because I can’t seem to miss you.”

8. “Are you the NBA finals? Because there’s nothing I want more than to spend my nights watching you.”

9. “Do you play defense? Because I can’t get past you.”

10. “Is your name Spalding? Because you’ve got all the right curves.”

11. “Are you a crossover? Because my heart is breaking.”

12. “I must be a layup, because I’ve fallen for you.”

13. “Are you on the shot clock? Because my time is running out to make you mine.”

14. “Are you a basketball hoop? Because I can’t stop scoring when I’m with you.”

15. “Are you a jump shot? Because every time I look at you, I swoosh.”

Best Basketball Pick Up Lines


16. “Is your name Dunkin’? Because I don’t want to start my day without you.”

17. “I must be a basketball, because the more you dribble me, the harder I fall.”

18. “Is your name Michael Jordan? Because you’ve captured my heart with your magic.”

19. “Are you a buzzer beater? Because my heart stops every time I see you.”

20. “Are you a backboard? Because I can’t stop rebounding back to you.”

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Flirty Basketball Pick Up Lines

1. “You know, my thoughts keep bouncing back to you just like a basketball.”

Flirty Basketball Pick Up Lines


2. “You and me, we’re like an alley-oop; we just mesh really well, don’t you think?”

3. “Seems like I’m pulling a three-pointer, falling for you from such a distance.”

4. “My feelings for you, they’re like a slam dunk – just full-on and so real.”

5. “Hey, you’re like my personal highlight reel, all filled with unforgettable moments.”

6. “Every time I’m around you, my heart starts beating like it’s the last few seconds of the game.”

7. “You know, your smile could outshine the brightest scoreboard on any court.”

Flirty Basketball Pick Up Lines


8. “If you were to look in my love playbook, you’d definitely be my game-winning shot.”

9. “We got chemistry like a top-notch basketball team; always ready for the perfect assist.”

10. “Being around you, it’s like nailing a buzzer-beater; exciting and memorable every single time.”

11. “You, you’re like my championship ring – the one thing I treasure most.”

12. “My heart keeps bouncing back to you, just like a good basketball.”

13. “Seeing you feels like nailing a perfect three-pointer, it’s just incredible.”

14. “If my heart was a basketball court, you’d be the one scoring all the points.”

15. “You know, my heart’s doing a full-court press for you.”

Flirty Basketball Pick Up Lines


16. “You must have the skills of a pro player, you’ve got this heart-stealing game down.”

17. “When I’m with you, I feel like I’m in the NBA finals – totally thrilled and captivated.”

18. “Your charm, it hits me harder than any slam dunk in the last seconds of a game.”

19. “Just like a true basketball player, I’m always ready to take my shot when it comes to you.”

20. “Your eyes have this sparkle, brighter than any championship trophy under those big stadium lights.”

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Basketball Pick Up Lines For Her

1. “Are your hoops made of gold, because every time I look at them my heart skips a beat.”

Basketball Pick Up Lines For Her


2. “Hey girl, are you part of a basketball team or do you take all these shots on your own?”

3. “Can I be the point guard in your life and guide you to victory?”

4. “My friend was telling me about a three-pointer he made – it sounded like you!”

5. “On a scale from one to ten, I’d rate your jump shot an eleven!”

6. “The game of love is as competitive as basketball – care to shoot some hoops with me?”

7. “I’d block any guy who tried to steal your heart – just like I would block anyone who tries to steal the ball in a game!”

Basketball Pick Up Lines For Her


8. “You could be the referee in my heart and blow the whistle when things start getting too hot!”

9. “Let’s make moves together – like mini dribbles around the court!”

10. “Girl, you’re so hot it feels like I’m playing against the sun on an outdoor court!”

11. “Let’s make this long distance relationship work – like executing a perfect alleyoop pass in basketball!”

12. “Did it hurt when you fell from Heaven and landed on that outdoor court today?”

13. “Hey sweetheart, are those 3 points enough – or can I score some more?”

14. “Is that basket really big enough for all of our hopes and dreams together?”

15. “Are you a fast break attack – because you speed up my heart rate instantly!”

Basketball Pick Up Lines For Her


16. “Do hockey players need ice when they play – because you don’t need anything; all by yourself,you light up the floor!”

17. “Basketball comes down to making shots — but so does taking risks with love..will you take one with me?”

18. “Can I be Mamba, Will You Be Kobe — Let’s together make history… Won’t You ?”

19. “Our story could write itself: 1 kiss starts off this epic story—the third quarter is all ours…I got something special for us ready.”

20. “Don’t worry if we lose today honey — team chemistry always wins out in the long run !”

21. “You know, my heart bounces around like a basketball when I catch sight of you.”

22.”Is it a thing, love at first sight, or do I need to stroll by again, this time maybe with a basketball?”

23. “Feels like you’ve got me playing defense – my heart’s got all the guarding to do around you.”

Basketball Pick Up Lines For Her


24. “You’re like the hoop in my life’s game – always have my heart aimed at you.”

25. “Are you sure your name’s not Spalding? You’ve got all these amazing curves, and I seem to lose control, just like a wild dribble, around you.”

26. “Seeing you, it’s like I’ve just made the final buzzer-beater – a rush every time.”

27. “You’re my three-pointer – always leaves my heart hanging mid-air, each time I try to win you over.”

28. “You know how in basketball, the best shots are the ones that just feel natural, right? That’s exactly how it feels being around you.”

29. “Among all the players on the court, you’re the only one I’d trust with my heart.”

30. “I wonder if you’re a basketball game in disguise – cause my heart seems to always be in overtime around you.”

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Basketball Pick Up Lines For Guys

1. “My love for you is like the perfect shot; I never miss when it comes to you.”

Basketball Pick Up Lines For Guys


2. “Have you heard of the love triangle? It’s me, you, and the basketball court.”

3. “Do you believe in life after coversion? Because you’re making me lose all my composure.”

4. “Can I have yours jersey number? ‘Cause I’d like to score each time we talk!”

5. “Hey girl, if I was an outside shooter, I’d be taking nothing but long shots at ya!”

6. “Are you felling lucky tonight? If so, then why don’t we dribble off into a date?”

7. “Your beauty is as strong as any full-court press.”

Basketball Pick Up Lines For Guys


8. “Did it hurt when you fell from the sky? Cuz’ baby, from here on Earth your lookin’ pretty fly!”

9. “Hey cutie; if your name was a team, it would definitely be a slam dunk!”

10. “You must be a free throw specialist because I’m under pressure of hitting on ya!”

11. “You can call me “Love Drop” cuz’ anytime around you makes my heart stop!”

12. “Let’s get together and make some sweet music – Just like shooting three pointers all night long!”

13. “Areofyou need an assist with your heart? Because won’t anybody else gonna give it half the chance that I willl doo!!”

14. “Is there something wrong with my ball handling skills or is this just what happens every timeplaythe game of love!?”

15. “I might not have Michael Jordan skills but when come to stealing yo’heart… There ain’t no stopping me!!

Basketball Pick Up Lines For Guys


16. “You better keep guard cuz’ i’m about to shoot and regardless of where this ball goes..My affections are only for YOU!!”

17.  “If Lovin’ U were illegal….Damn sure wouldnt wanna fall foul of da law without even stepped foot on da court..”

18. “You must running plays like they taught in college cuz surely got moves out therethat belong leagues up!!”

19. “Baby u set picks like NBA Players win DA trophies…Just Knock u down silly whenever by my side!!”

20. “With looks like yours I’m ready to face danger with eyes wide open ..Every second I spend near YOU feels like victory!”


Funny Basketball Pick Up Lines

1. “Are we playing horse? Because you just ran away with my H, E, A, R, and T.”

Funny Basketball Pick Up Lines


2. “Are you a referee? Because I might need to argue with some of your calls.”

3. “Did you just steal the ball? Because it seems like you’ve also stolen my heart.”

4. “I’m not a basketball player, but I promise I won’t run away when it’s time to make a commitment.”

5. “Is your name Google? Because you’ve got everything I’ve been searching for, including the ball.”

6. “If love was a basketball game, I’d be the guy on the sideline with a Gatorade, because I’m thirsty for you.”

7. “Are we on the same team? Because my heart is always passing to you.”

Funny Basketball Pick Up Lines


8. “I know they say the court is where the magic happens, but I think it’s whenever I’m with you.”

9. “They call me LeBron because I’m good at getting rejected. But with you, I’m hoping for a score.”

10. “Do you prefer two pointers? Because I think we’d make a great pair.”

11. “I tried to play cool, but just like a bad dribble, I keep falling for you.”

12. “Is it a travel violation if I follow you home?”

13. “Did you just score a three-pointer? Because you’ve certainly won my heart from a distance.”

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