50 Being Single Quotes to Encourage Self-Discovery

‘Being single’ for some people is a blessing that offers unparalleled freedom, the liberty to explore any path, and the independence to do as they please. Being single quotes usually highlight the comfort and peace of not having someone who controls or has involvement in the person’s life.

The state of being single allows an individual to follow their heart’s desires without fear of a partner’s reaction. ‘Single’ quotes often capture this reality, emphasizing the peace that comes with honesty, authenticity, and respect for oneself.

However, there’s another side to this narrative where the solitude of being single becomes a battle itself. One can feel a profound loneliness, especially in tough situations that cry out for support and comfort from a loved one. Feelings of neglect may set in, sometimes even leading to depression due to overwhelming grief and difficult circumstances.

To inspire and uplift those who are currently single, we have compiled a list of insightful and relatable quotes that celebrate the joys of being unattached.

So, let these quotes remind you that being single is not a curse, but an opportunity for growth and self-love.

20 Best Quotes About Being Single

1. “I don’t like to be labeled as lonely just because I am alone.” – Delta Burke



2. “He who knows others is wise. He who knows himself is enlightened.” – Lao Tzu

3. “I think it’s very healthy to spend time alone. You need to know how to be alone and not be defined by another person.” – Oscar Wilde

4. “To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance.” – Oscar Wilde

5. “I celebrate myself, and sing myself.” – Walt Whitman

6. “I never found a companion that was so companionable as solitude.” – Henry David Thoreau

7. “I’m single because I was born that way.” – Mae West

8. “Being single is getting over the illusion that there is somebody out there to complete you.” – Omkar Phatak

9. “My alone feels so good, I’ll only have you if you’re sweeter than my solitude.” – Warsan Shire

10. “I like being single — I’m always there when I need me.” – Art Leo

11. “The trouble is not that I am single and likely to stay single, but that I am lonely and likely to stay lonely.” – Charlotte Bronte



12. “A busy, vibrant, goal-oriented woman is so much more attractive than a woman who waits around for a man to validate her existence.” – Mandy Hale

13. “You do not need to be loved, not at the cost of yourself.” – Rupi Kaur

14. “Single is no longer a lack of options – but a choice.” – Mandy Hale

15. “I think, therefore I’m single.” – Liz Winston

16. “If we seek paradise outside ourselves, we cannot have paradise in our hearts.” – Thomas Merton

17. “Hope for love, pray for love, wish for love, dream for love…but don’t put your life on hold waiting for love.” – Mandy Hale

18. “Discover why you’re important, then refuse to settle for anyone who doesn’t completely agree.” – Fisher Amelie

19. “Don’t be scared to walk alone. Don’t be scared to like it.” – John Mayer

20. “Being single used to mean that nobody wanted you. Now it means you’re taking your time deciding how you want your life to be and who you want to spend it with.” – Carrie Bradshaw (Sex and the City)

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Proud to Be Single Quotes

1. “I don’t need a man to validate my worth. I am proud to be single.” – Oprah Winfrey

Proud to Be Single Quotes


2. “Being single doesn’t mean you’re lonely. It means you’re strong enough to wait for what you truly deserve.” – Mandy Hale

3. “I am single by choice, not by lack of options. I am proud to be independent and embrace my own company.” – Emma Watson

4. “Being single is not a curse, it’s a blessing. It allows you to focus on yourself and grow into the best version of yourself.” – Jennifer Aniston

5. “Being single is an opportunity to love yourself fully and unconditionally. Embrace it and celebrate your independence.” – Priyanka Chopra

6. “I don’t need a relationship to define my happiness. I am proud to be single and find joy within myself.” – Zendaya

7. “I am single, but I am not incomplete. My worth is not tied to my relationship status.” – Taylor Swift

8. “Being single allows me to focus on my goals and dreams without any distractions. I am proud of my independence.” – Beyoncé

9. “I am single by choice, and I am proud of it. I am whole and complete on my own.” – Rihanna

Proud to Be Single Quotes


10. “Being single is a time for self-discovery and personal growth. Embrace it and enjoy the journey.” – Jennifer Lawrence

11. “I am proud to be single because it means I am in full control of my own happiness.” – Angelina Jolie

12. “Being single is an opportunity to discover your own strengths, passions, and purpose. Embrace it and flourish.” – Emma Stone

13. “I am confident and content in my own company. I don’t need a partner to feel complete.” – Selena Gomez

14. “Being single is a chance to prioritize my own needs and aspirations. I am proud to focus on myself.” – Adele

15. “I am single and unapologetic. I am proud to live life on my own terms.” – Lady Gaga

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Funny Quotes About Being Single

1. “Being single is pretty good. It’s a nice sense of irresponsibility.” – Michael Douglas

Funny Quotes About Being Single


2. “I’m currently single. My career is my boyfriend.” – Christina Aguilera

3. “Being single used to mean that nobody wanted you. Now it means you’re pretty sexy and you’re taking your time deciding how you want your life to be and who you want to spend it with.” – Carrie Bradshaw (Sex and the City)

4. “The last time I was someone’s type, I was donating blood.” – Unknown

5. “I like being single. I’m always there when I need me.” – Art Leo

6. “Being single is better than being in a relationship with someone who fills your heart with doubt.” – Unknown

7. “My boyfriend is like the square root of -1. Technically he is imaginary.” – Unknown

8. “I am single because I am saving myself for someone who deserves me.” – Unknown

9. “Marriage is a fine institution, but I’m not ready for an institution.” – Mae West

Funny Quotes About Being Single


10. “I’ve been single for a while and I have to say, it’s going very well. Like… it’s working out. I think I’m the one.” – Emily Heller

11. “If you’re not happy single, you won’t be happy taken. Happiness comes from within, not from men.” – Unknown

12. “I’m single. You’ll have to be amazing to change that.” – Unknown

13. “You cannot be lonely if you like the person you’re alone with.” – Wayne Dyer

14. “Yeah, I’m single, but you’re gonna have to be amazing to change that.” – Unknown

15. “I’m not single. I’m just romantically challenged.” – Unknown

Final Sayings:

In conclusion, the experience of ‘being single’ varies from person to person, impacting different lives in unique ways. ‘Single’ quotes encapsulate the myriad aspects of this experience, encompassing the choice to remain single or the desire for companionship. It’s crucial to explore these quotes from our collection to truly understand the rich tapestry of singleness.

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