How to Plan a Birthday Scavenger Hunt For Adults

Planning a scavenger hunt is fun but it can easily feel overwhelming because one can get befuddled in the process of making it more easy-going but also a bit challenging.

If you want to make it nothing like any average scavenger hunt for your favourite person’s birthday, then this blog post will give you a complete, easy, step-to-step guide on how to plan a birthday scavenger hunt that ends in a surprise location!


Birthday Scavenger Hunt Ideas for Adults

A birthday scavenger hunt gathers the best audience as the people present at the birthday party most likely love or adore the birthday person, hence their cheer and the host’s excitement levels are the perfect sources of motivation for the scavenger hunter.

Now, let’s help you plan the best birthday scavenger hunt ever.


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A Must Checklist:

There are a few things you need to make sure you have ticked on your check-list to avoid any last-minute tension or oops moments:

  • Decide a safe place and precise timing for the scavenger hunt to take place.
  • Gather all the essential material needed to plan and execute it.
  • Make sure the nature of the scavenger hunt compliments the theme of the birthday party.
  • If it is going to take place outside of the home, then make sure you have a list of precautions you might need to take.

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Time to Get to the Basics:

1. The first and foremost thing you need to do is outline this treasure hunt. The easiest way to do so is to start from the ending point, the place where you wish to put the ultimate birthday present. Tracing the path from the endpoint will help you have a better judgement of things and precision.

2. The second thing you shall do is decide how many clues you wish to plant!

3. Thirdly, what kind of clues do you wish to give? The ones with limericks, or the questions with blanks, or else the rhyming riddles?

4. What is the level of difficulty you wish to set when it comes to clues?

Caution: Make sure all the places you wish to hide clues are the places that people won’t use during this scavenger hunt like a couch or a car to not let anyone unintentionally spoil the game.

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Here Comes the Fun Part:

Now, as we have taken care of significant details and precautions, we can now focus on how to make this scavenger hunt more fun.

● If you wish to scale up this game, then here are a few things you can do:

– Adding clues that hint at multiple places or objects.

-Giving layers to your conundrums. By that we mean, giving one hint about the place at first then about the object, and then for example if the object is a book, then giving the hint about the page number with another small riddle.

-Hiding each clue far away. The more they sweat, the more difficult it gets for them to stay hyper-focused.

-Definitely, set a timeline to finish the scavenger hunt.

● On the other hand, if you wish to make it more fun, you can add tiny birthday presents or write sweet messages with each clue.  Also because this is the birthday scavenger hunt, the best way to make it more fun would be to make it all about the hunter, after all, it’s their day! Do so by keeping in mind the person’s hobbies, nature, habits, favourite places or things at home while writing and hiding clues.


Now, How to Make it End in a Surprise Location?

●       The most obvious way to do so is to place the birthday present somewhere outside of the trajectory of the map, for example, if the set location is your home, then keep the final destination a cafe across your home, or your neighbour’s backyard.

●       The most ridiculous (but also the most fun) way to do is going out of the way to do so; meaning keeping the end location either out of the area of the location or a city or maybe a country like Mr Benedict did with his students, now of course, that was science fiction and this is reality, but nonetheless, the idea is worth executing if your diaries and budgets allow.

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●      Finally, Clues!

Writing clues might be the most fun part of organising a scavenger hunt because this is the part where you can get creative. If you’re playing it with kids, you might need to keep the clues pretty simple and if with adults, then setting the bars of difficulty is completely up to you.

Usually, people write rhythmic short riddles, quotes, simply questions or use limericks. But you can do whatever suits you.

Here are a few examples to give you the idea:

  • On rainy days, I make you feel cosy. On cold days, warm. I always stay put at your favourite place to be at the end of every day. (Blanket)
  • Happy birthday. They eat me with bread, you eat me with apples. Buttery, nutty, I’m!
  • I’m somewhere very cold, and with your ten other jars, you can find me.  (A jar of peanut butter)
  • I carry horror and terror with me. Ages ago, I was born. Now, I sit at the dusky shelves with the tales you buy. (A horror book)
  • You love to see me every day but not so much on your days of bloating. I don’t speak but you talk to me every day. (A mirror)
  • If you ever feel blue, you know how I feel every day; it’s my colour.
  • I can beat fire and you can float in me. Dive deep into me, and you’ll find what you’re looking for! (A swimming pool)


To conclude, this was your step-by-step guide on how to organise a birthday scavenger hunt. As you can tell, from the basics to the details, we’ve got you covered.

Now, all you have to do is follow the plan. You can always add or discard different elements as you like. Because this is a Birthday scavenger hunt, your focal point shall be on how to make it more entertaining for everyone including your guests. And don’t forget to have a safe run of this hunt on your own to make sure it works out as you’ve planned on paper/screen.

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