50 Touching Love Letters For Him To Make Him Cry

Even though it might sound too good to be true, love letters for him that make him cry actually works, girls!

When you love him with all your heart and soul, it is the most beautiful thing that he can ever experience. Nothing can actually replace the feeling of loving and being loved truly. It is something super special for the both of you.

However, even after loving him with all your heart, you are struggling to express your true feelings to him or don’t know how to make him understand what you think of him, then some amazing love letters can help you out.

Love letters are an easy and intimate way to express emotions, love, and affection to your man. Also, as it is often easier to write down your feelings in words rather than saying them in loud, lover letters never lose their charm amongst lovers! Start pouring your thoughts, emotions, and feelings on texts and write love letters for him that make him cry.

Here is a list of “love letters for him that make him cry” to help you write your note to him. Go through them and customize them according to your emotions.


Love Letters For Him That Will Make Him Cry

1. My Dearest Love,

The moment you stepped into my life, the sun began to shine brighter than ever before. Your love, a beacon of light, illuminates the darkest corners of my heart. Yet, when I think of how fleeting life can be, tears well up in my eyes. Darling, let’s cherish each moment together, for time knows no mercy.

Forever Yours,

[Your Name]

Love Letters For Him That Will Make Him Cry


2. “I don’t think words can do justice to how I feel about our relationship but here goes anyway: Whenever I’m around you, my soul lights up! Life has its ups and downs but what keeps pushing me towards greater heights is your unwavering faith, belief and support in me! You are such an incredible human being – mindblowing!!

I owe so much to you – thanks for being part of my journey!”


3. My Sweet [His Name],

The memories we’ve shared dance like fireflies in the twilight of my mind. Yet, I fear they may fade as the sun sets on our days together. Remember, my love, to hold them close to your heart, for the sands of time are relentless and unforgiving.

Eternally Yours,

[Your Name]


4. “I am finding it so hard to put pen to paper because there really isn’t enough paper in this galaxy to express how much I’m head over heels with you! There isn’t enough ink either…. It’s crazy how each meeting between us just amplifies those mushy feelings inside my heart…Your hugs make it difficult for me not think of holding onto them forever because they mean more than anything else in this entire world! With all the love in this universe ,,,

Yours truly…..( name). ”


5. Dearest [His Name],

In this life of constant change, one thing remains certain – my love for you. As the leaves fall and winter’s chill sets in, the love we share burns bright, keeping us warm. It’s the thought of losing you that brings tears to my eyes, but our love will endure, even in the harshest storms.

Forever in Love,

[Your Name]


6. “Hey Sweetheart,

Each day since we started spending time together has felt extraordinary; everything seems so easy with you around…your bright smile sends shivers through me reminding me how warm it is by your side… You add color to everything around; whether be it joy or sorrow……Knowing that each day will get even brighter with out conversations calms me like nothing else My days wouldn’t pass without thinking about holding your hand That’s why…..

Love Always xx”


7. To My Beloved,

It’s said that absence makes the heart grow fonder, but my heart aches with every mile between us. Though we are apart, know that my love for you remains steadfast, like a lighthouse guiding you home. My tears may fall, but they are the tide that brings me closer to you.

Yours Always,

[Your Name]


8. ‘Dearest sweetheart –

Thinking about yesterday morning when we sat down together peacefully reading books-like two preciously intertwined hearts-just radiates softness & gentleness throughout both mine & Yours..When suddenly your eyelids fluttered..and opened revealing two beautiful fragile doves ready To start afresh again What was before broken now stands strong undernath sunshine of eternal promises..

Love Truest…xx”


9. My Dearest [His Name],

Through the years, our love has bloomed like a rose – vibrant, fragrant, and full of life. I weep when I think of the thorns that fate may bring, but with your love, we’ll endure even the most painful trials. Together, we are stronger than any obstacle that may come our way.

All My Love,

[Your Name]


10.”My commitment-dear , When Underneath stars lye My thoughts waver why? It’s Because Deep inside murmurs questions If somehow will commitment be thrown away When wind blows away stories Of fading tales Of treacheries And deceit From past battles won But fond memories Unbearable numbness Which still lingers Comforting spirit knows The same bond Still binds Now till infinity Love thee Xx”

Love Letters For Him That Will Make Him Cry


11. My Darling [His Name],

In the twilight of my dreams, I hear the whispers of our love, like an enchanting melody. I wake with tears in my eyes, yearning for your touch, your presence. My love, the ache of separation cannot compare to the joy you bring to my life.

Loving You Always,

[Your Name]


12. Dearest [His Name],

Our love is like the stars in the night sky – infinite and eternal. And yet, I can’t help but shed tears at the thought of losing you to the vast expanse of time. Remember, my love, that though we may be mere specks in the universe, our love will always shine bright, like a supernova, guiding us through the darkest nights.

Endlessly Yours,

[Your Name]


13. “Hi angel –

Everytime I sit down looking out of window looking at clouds passing by ..these moments stir something … bringing back lovely moments which We shared Day dreaming beyond horizon Afternoon dates Another one added too At river side Watching water ebb & flow Dreamy hours stayed entrenched Inside passionate desire Every moment spent happy was priceless song Thus singing across Mountains Mystic Melody

Love Always xx”


14. “Dear heart

Everytime us two Eyes meet Its like Both gets transported Touches sweet melodic rhythm Harp Heartstrings attuned Every thundering beat Quivers echo resonates Bidding goodbye fo tender touches Tones gentle whisper brushing cheeks Then all Sound ceases Into deep silence As although World ends Passionate desires Our souls blend So let’s begin Keening melody Let us stay two until Sun rises Over horizon anew Come Walk along Wth man Beaming radiance Together stay Find forever shall Purest enchantment In fate bestowed Eternal we remain One single soul.


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Romantic Long Distance Good Morning Love Letters For Him

1. “Life with you is like a beautiful dream I never want to wake up from. Thinking of your sweet smile and dashing dimples as soon as I open my eyes this morning fills me with so much warmth and adoration that I have no choice but to reciprocate with all the love and affection I have for you”

Romantic Long Distance Good Morning Love Letters For Him


2. “Since meeting you, I can’t help but be in awe of how dynamic our relationship has become—it feels like we both get something better each day. So this morning, may you experience something special that reminds you of my everlasting love””


3. “I thought of the wonderful things we share together every minute of my life and how our lives fit together perfectly in every way as if they were cut from one single block or stone…this feeling kept me awake all night! Wishing you a really lovely start to the day “”


4.”Although miles separate us right now, it doesn’t diminish the flame within us which keeps us connected in heart and soul, it only makes it burn brighter! Wishing lots of love, hugs and kisses this morning!”


5. “My dear love — Good Morning! Your presence in my life gives me immense pleasure and joy through nights & days…you mean everything to me and fill my every need with your caring touch….love your sweetheart ever more!”


6.”This morning as I woke up thinking about how blessed my life has become since being with you; not only did I forget about the person miles away from me but also felt like being close by getting engulfed in your loving embrace filled with warmth of care…”


7. ” From sunrise until sunset, nothing else matters when I spend those special moments thinking of you and wishing nothing except cherishing your life filled with endless hopes lies at its prettiest today…”


8.”May this new day bring peace happiness & wonderful memories into our life and gradually make our relation strong day by day…..Good Morning Darling!!”


9.”A simple ‘good morning’ accompanied by a tight hug would not just make today simply gorgeous but tomorrow too would feel delightful! Love ya darling!”


10. “My mornings stretch out before me like a warm sun-kissed blanket ready to wrap around my soul while helping me take flight on wings falling through clouds sprinkled with enchanting dreams – all because I am here missing your face…”

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Love Letters For Him Who Is In Long Distance

1. My Dearest [Name],

As I sit here, pondering the infinite miles between us, I’m reminded of a famous saying: “Distance is to love what wind is to fire; it extinguishes the small and kindles the great.” It seems our love is an Olympic torch, burning brighter despite the gusts of separation.

Ah, the cruel irony of geography! But know this, my love: while we’re apart, I’ll keep your memory alive with the wit that first made us inseparable. I’ll write to you, as I do now, filling each letter with equal parts humor and affection. Let laughter bridge the gap between us, and soothe the ache of our longing hearts.

Yours everlastingly,

[Your Name]


2. My Darling [Name],

I do declare, if love were a game of hide and seek, we’d surely win! Hiding in opposite corners of the world, we’ve managed to find one another time and time again. As they say, “Absence makes the heart grow fonder,” and I must confess, my heart has grown as boundless as the distance between us.

Though the miles may separate us, our love remains steadfast, as if tethered by an invisible thread. It’s remarkable how we’ve woven humor into our tapestry of love, turning the sadness of separation into a joyful celebration of our connection.

Devotedly yours,

[Your Name]


3. Dearest [Name],

As I write this letter, I imagine your laughter echoing across the miles that keep us apart. It’s a melody that warms my heart, a testament to our love’s resilience. If only we could shrink the world like a wool sweater, bringing us closer with each spin cycle!

Until that day, my sweet, let us revel in our long-distance love story, a tale written in equal measure with both wit and sorrow. May the laughter we share, even from afar, fortify our bond and hasten the day we reunite.

Yours affectionately,

[Your Name]


4. Beloved [Name],

Though distance plagues our love like a mischievous sprite, we refuse to let it get the best of us. Our love is like a fine-tuned orchestra, with each instrument of wit and sadness playing in harmony. Together, we create a beautiful symphony that transcends the miles between us.

So let us revel in the bittersweet music of our love, knowing that soon, we’ll dance together under the same stars.

Ever yours,

[Your Name]


5. My Dearest [Name],

As I gaze at the moon, I imagine you doing the same, thousands of miles away. We share the same sky, and our love sparkles like the stars that light the night. Distance may be a formidable opponent, but it’s no match for our love’s unyielding spirit.

Though miles separate us, our laughter and wit keep us connected. Together, we transform our sorrow into mirth, proving that love knows no bounds.

Yours eternally,

[Your Name]


6. My Sweet [Name],

I’ve heard it said that distance lends enchantment to the view, but I beg to differ. No amount of distance could ever dampen my love for you. In fact, I dare say it only grows stronger, fueled by the fires of longing and the laughter we share.

So let us forge ahead, my love, and turn our separation into a grand adventure. May the tales of our long-distance love become the stuff of legend, as we prove that nothing can stand in the way of true devotion.

All my love,

[Your Name]


7. Darling [Name],

With each sunrise, I find myself dreaming of the day when we’ll be together again,banishing the miles that keep us apart. Until then, let us weave a tapestry of love, spun from the threads of wit and sorrow, each strand a testament to our unbreakable bond.

Though the world may separate us, our laughter and shared memories will always unite us. Let us turn our longing into an art form, painting a picture of love that stretches across the horizon.

Yours forever,

[Your Name]


8. My Cherished [Name],

In this game of love, distance seems to have dealt us a rather tricky hand. Yet, like master players, we’ve skillfully turned our challenge into a winning strategy. Our love thrives on wit and laughter, transforming the sadness of separation into a vibrant celebration of our connection.

So let us continue to play this game, my love, for our love story is one of triumph, proving that distance is no match for the power of true affection.


[Your Name]


9. My Love [Name],

As the sun sets, I imagine you basking in its morning glow, a reminder of the miles that separate us. Yet, like the sun, our love is a constant source of warmth and light, illuminating our lives with humor and joy.

In the face of separation, let us draw strength from our shared laughter and turn our sorrow into a brilliant display of devotion. For in the end, our love will outshine the distance, bringing us together once more.

Forever yours,

[Your Name]


10. Dear One,

Being apart is tough, but I want you to know that the distance can’t lessen my love for you. You’re always in my thoughts, and I eagerly await our reunion. Until then, remember my love for you is beyond words.

Love Letters For Him Who Is In Long Distance


11. Love,

Though miles separate us, our connection is so strong that I feel your presence with every heartbeat. You make me feel alive, and our passion transcends any distance.


12. Soulmate,

Though distance keeps us apart physically, it can’t touch the love we share. I treasure every moment spent with you, and I’m grateful for the joy you bring into my life. You’re the reason for my happiness every day.


13. Dearest,

I miss you more each day, but our love can conquer anything. Despite the distance, I feel closer to you than ever. You bring joy and happiness into my heart.


14. My Everything,

With every blink, I see your smile and hear your voice. You make my heart race, and I can’t wait to embrace you again. Distance may separate us, but our love remains vibrant.


15. My Treasure,

Life without you is unimaginable. You inspire me to be a better person, and I’m so fortunate to have you as my partner. Our love can withstand any challenge, even distance.

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Flirty Love Letters For Him

1. Dear [His Name],

Roses are red, violets are blue, I can’t help but think of that time you tried to cook for me, too. Do you remember? Our laughter filled the kitchen, and even though the meal wasn’t exactly Michelin-starred, I knew I had found my perfect sous-chef.

Your smile is like a beacon, leading me through the darkest nights, and your wit has a way of making me feel like I’m soaring in the clouds. So, here’s to more culinary adventures and countless hours spent laughing together, my love.

Yours always,

[Your Name]



2. Dear,

I was thinking about all of the reasons why I’m so grateful for you and one thing stands out: when I look into your eyes, my heart stops, everything else fades away and all I can think about is how much I’m drawn to you. You make me feel alive and like anything is possible!

Love always,


3. Hi ,As the days go by without you here, my heart aches for one more moment with you. The way your lips touch mine gently sends shivers through my body and makes me fall even deeper in love with each kiss. Just know that no matter where life takes us – our hearts will be connected by an invisible string of love that will never fade!

Forever Yours,


4. Dearest [His Name],

Are we a pair of socks? Because I think we’d make a great match! Your warmth and affection wrap around me like a cozy blanket, and I can’t help but feel at home when I’m with you.

You have this extraordinary way of lighting up a room, and your laughter fills my heart with joy. You are the reason for my happiness, and I can’t wait to continue exploring life together, sharing our love and laughter every step of the way.

Forever yours,

[Your Name]


5. Hi [His Name],

They say laughter is the best medicine, and you, my love, are the ultimate prescription. Our endless banter and playful teasing have become a language all our own, and I can’t imagine navigating this world without you by my side.

Together, we make an unstoppable team, and I know our love story will continue to be filled with humor, romance, and endless happiness. You are the sunshine of my life, and I am so grateful for you.

All my love,

[Your Name]


6. Dear ,

My soul longs for yours even when we are apart; being distant from each other makes me feel lost like I am missing a piece of myself that only your embrace can complete. My admiration for you grows each day as I learn more about who you truly are beneath the surface – every bit of your beautiful soul melts my heart every time!

Yours Always and Forever,


7. Hello [His Name],

Did it hurt when you fell from heaven? Because you’ve brought a little piece of paradise into my life. Your humor and compassion make every day a joy, and I feel so fortunate to call you mine.

I’m excited to see where our journey will take us, hand in hand, laughing all the way. I know that our love will continue to grow, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us.

With all my heart,

[Your Name]


8. Hi ,Where do I start? From the first moment our eyes locked it felt like time stopped moving at all – now here we are a year later still completely enchanted by each other ♥ You have been my rock through everything and reminded me just how powerful true love can be – thank you for being mine ♥

All my Love,


9. Hey [His Name],

If you were a fruit, you’d be a fine-apple! But in all seriousness, your incredible sense of humor and romantic nature have made my life so much sweeter. You’ve shown me that love can be playful, passionate, and full of laughter.

I look forward to a lifetime of adventure, side by side, sharing countless inside jokes and moments of pure joy. You make my heart sing, and I am so grateful to have you in my life.

All my love,

[Your Name]


10. Dear , Every second spent with you feels like living in paradise – every interaction radiates blissful joy that echoes through my entire being! There’s nothing more valuable than having someone who understands you deeply on some unexplainable level; someone who completes your heart & soul just by being there…that’s exactly what it feels like to be close to you! All the Love in My Heart ,

Flirty Love Letters For Him


11. Hi, Times passes us quickly but something inside always turns back time whenever we’re together–the moments become timeless…the air between us thick with hints of passion & promise….sometimes it’s hard to resist touching your perfect face! Noticing all the features individually & wishing they would never have an end….. Words can’t explain these overwhelming emotions…. You make me lighter than air…appreciate those times when nothing has changed but everything feels different around us

💜 Lots of Love & Kisses.

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