80 Best 3rd Month Birthday Wishes and Captions  

No one can keep a home as lively as a 3-month-old can. So, wish that little baby the best with these 3rd month birthday wishes and celebrate those giggles and cries. For having made your days, and melted your heart, they deserve the world from you and at the very least, the best birthday wishes and presents.

A 3-month-old has no clue as to what is going on but when they’ll grow up and go through the old memories, it will certainly make them cry happy tears because they’d realise how much loved they were.

Plus, these birthday wishes would sound cutest when posted with pictures on your social media too. Make the world revolve around the little baby for the whole day because the memories will speak for themselves and one day that 3-month-old would feel loved by you even in their 30s when looking back.


Happy 3 Month Birthday Wishes For Baby Form Mother

1. “Its already 3 month my baby, on this special day I want you to remember how much love your parents have for you! It was so wonderful watching you grow into the strong, smiley baby that you are today.”



2. “You’re my little miracle! In three short months, I’ve watched as you learned to push yourself up on arms and reach out with curiosity at everything around you… You continue to surprise me everyday!”

3. “Three months ago I gave birth to the most perfect little bundle of joy – YOU! To watch you grow over these past few months has been an absolute gift I can never repay. Happy third month birthday, Baby! We love you so much!”

4. “{Name}, it seems like only yesterday we brought you home from the hospital and now here we are celebrating your third month birthday!!! Wishing our sweetheart lots of love and cuddles on this special day!”

5. “Happy 3 Month Birthday {Name}!! Wow, there has been so much growth in such a short time; You fill our lives with pure joy at every moment.”

6. “Dear pumpkin,happy 3 month birthday!! You bring us happiness every single day with your smiles and those curious looks as if asking us questions about the world around us. We are so blessed that we get to be apart of your life journey.”

7. ” it’s already been 3 whole months since we welcomed such an amazing little human into our world and hearts! The warmth of congratulating smiles each morning make it toughly worth getting up for,”

8. “Happy 3 Month Birthday!!!  Along with acknowledging how far you have come in such a short amount of time, let’s revel in loving moments spent together watching every blur become distinct details that paint your personality”

9. “{Name}, time flies but your lasting imprint never fades. Relishing today brings strength for tomorrow. Love follows wherever your beaming rays go.”

10. “Oh {name}, what a pleasure it is flying high with you through these lovely islands of days. Three months have gone by now. Wishing you happy, cheerful birthdays, now and forever!”

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3rd Month Birthday Wishes For Baby From Father

1. “Happy 3-month birthday, my little angel! Every coo, every smile, every precious moment with you these past months has filled my heart with immeasurable joy. You’re my tiny bundle of joy, the brightest star in my sky.”

3rd Month Birthday Wishes For Baby From Father


2. “Happy quarter-year, sweetheart! Your giggles, my dearest, are the sweetest melody, and your tiny hands hold my entire world. This journey with you is nothing short of a miraculous adventure.”

3. “Three months ago, a star descended into our lives. Happy 3-month birthday, my little star! Every day with you feels like a gift, a new chapter in the book of life I am so grateful to be writing with you.”

4. “To my dearest one, on your 3-month birthday, I wish you a lifetime of happiness. Your sweet little yawns, your soft breaths while you sleep, these are the moments that have redefined my life. You’ve painted my world in hues of love I didn’t know existed.”

5. “On your 3-month birthday, my dear child, I find myself falling deeper in love with you. Every fluttering eyelash, every newborn sigh, is a cherished memory. My heart beats with the rhythm of your laughter.”

6. “Happy 3 months of life, my precious one! Every moment with you, every diaper change, every late-night lullaby, has been an exquisite journey. The joy you’ve brought into my life is incomparable.”

7. “Three cheers for three months, my little sidekick! The day you made your grand entrance, my world turned upside down, but in the best way. Your cute chatter is music to my ears, almost makes me feel like I’m conducting a baby orchestra. And your innocence? Well, it’s like being in the front row of a premiere for a masterpiece. You, my tiny wonder, are the center of my universe.”

8. “A hat-trick of months with you, my tiny virtuoso! It’s as if you’ve got a magic chisel and you’ve been sculpting a new me all this while. The way your mini hand fits into mine – it’s a memory I’ll wrap up and store in the treasure chest of my heart.”

9. “Happy quarter of a year, my charming little one! The depth of love I have for you could rival the deepest ocean. Your cute gurgles and infectious smiles are like little keepsakes I’ve collected over these months. And I must admit, the past 90 days of ‘you and me’ have been the best season of my show called life. You’re my slice of paradise right here on Earth.”

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3rd Month Birthday Wishes For Baby Boy You Know

1. Congratulations on celebrating your sweet little one’s third milestone! May his life always bring you joy and happiness.

3rd Month Birthday Wishes For Baby Boy You Know


2. Wishing that this third-month milestone will bring an abundance of love, laughter, joy, and memories into your home! Congrats on the special occasion.

3. Our hearts melt when we think about how precious this baby boy is and how much cherished he has become in three short months! Congratulations on his 3rd month birthday!

4. We all join together in expressing our love for your bundle of joy on his third month birthday! Blessings to your little family today as you celebrate such a momentous occasion.

5. Happy Third Monthsary to the most important person in your life – Your Dear Little Baby Boy!! Enjoy every minute of being with him every step of the way!

6. Three months already with little one – time does fly! Celebrate the wonderful gift of life with something sweet for him today – Here’s to many more happy milestones ahead for you both!



7. May this be a momentous day for your darling baby boy – Every second spent with him brings us closer to making memories together always! Warmest congratulations on his Third Month Birthday!!!

8. What a big milestone three months is already – Celebrating such a cheerful event means plenty of cuddles and smiles ahead with your angelic little one from now until forever!!!

9. It’s true – there’s no greater feeling than spending precious moments with your precious bundle as he embarks on yet another delightful journey ahead – So don’t forget to take some pictures along the way…Happy Third Month Birthday Sweetheart!!!

10. Words are not enough to express how truly amazing these past THREE months have been – Keep smiling, laughing lots, and wishing endlessly upon his third month celebration!!! Wishing our very best for more wonderful occassions like these in years to come!!!

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3 Month Birthday Wishes For Baby Girl 

1. “Happy quarter year to our tiny roommate! You’re three months old today and have successfully dominated our world with your cute noises and explosive diapers. But hey, your giggles make it all worth it. Here’s to more heart-melting smiles and less stinky surprises. We love you!”



2. “Happy 3-month birthday, princess! These months flew by quicker than your formula disappears. The house is messier, the nights are shorter, but the love is a million times bigger. You’ve turned us into master swaddlers, diaper changers, and lullaby singers, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.”

3. “Three months in and we’re still standing, little one! All thanks to your adorable smiles and midnight party invitations. You’ve made us experts in talking in weird, funny voices and dancing around the room just to see you giggle. Happy 3-month birthday, our precious girl.”

4. “Happy 3 months, dear kiddo! You’ve officially turned our lives upside down, but we wouldn’t change it for the world. Your baby babble is our new favorite language and your tiny fingers have a firm grip on our hearts. Here’s to more loving chaos!”

5. “Happy 3-month birthday to the most adorable alarm clock! You’ve given a whole new meaning to ‘up all night’ – and we love it! Your tiny giggles and charming coos have turned us into the happiest, albeit sleepiest, parents. Here’s to more beautiful chaos!”

6. “Three months old today, huh? You’re growing faster than our ability to keep up with your laundry! With every coo, giggle, and – yes – even every cry, you’ve filled our hearts with an indescribable joy. Keep doing you, our little hurricane.”

3 Month Birthday Wishes For Baby Girl


7. “Today, you’re officially three months old, baby girl! You’ve taught us that sleep is overrated, baby noises are the best music, and that love at first sight truly does exist. Thanks for the crash course in parenthood! Here’s to more lessons in the coming months.”

8.”Happy 3-month birthday, little one! These past months, you’ve shown us that the best things in life come in tiny, adorable packages (along with non-stop crying and poopy diapers). But it’s all just part of the wonderful journey we’re on with you.”

9. “Three months with you, kiddo, and we’ve realized that ‘long night’ has a whole new meaning. But your bright-eyed smile every morning makes us forget the sleepless nights instantly. Happy 3-month birthday! Here’s to more midnight dance-offs.”

10. “Happy 3 months, little munchkin! It’s been ninety days of sweet snuggles, hilarious diaper incidents, and the most beautiful baby babble. You’ve made our life one big, glorious, sleep-deprived adventure. Here’s to the joy and laughter you bring into our lives!”

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Caption For 3 Months Old Baby Boy

1. “Our little man is 3 months old today! #GrowingUpFast #BabyBoy”



2. “Celebrating 3 months of love, laughter, and endless cuddles with our baby boy. #3MonthBirthday #Blessed”

3. “Three months of pure joy with our little prince. #OurSon #Thankful”

4. “Happy 3 month birthday to the sweetest little boy in the world. #BabyBoyLove #PureHappiness”

5. “Oh, how time flies! Our baby boy is already 3 months old. #TimeFlies #CherishedMoments”

6. “To our bundle of joy, happy 3 month milestone! #BabyBoyMilestone #LoveYouMoreEachDay”

7. “Three months of pure bliss with our little miracle. #BabyLove #SoGrateful”

8. “Every day with you is filled with happiness. Happy 3 months, our little angel. #HappinessOverflowing #BabyBoyJoys”

Caption For 3 Months Old Baby Boy


9. “Cheers to 3 months of being the best parents to the cutest baby boy. #ProudParents #BabyBoyCelebration”

10. “Our little superhero is 3 months old today! #SuperBaby #3MonthAdventure”

11. “Three months of smiles, giggles, and endless love with our baby boy. #JoyfulJourney #BabyBoyHappiness”

12. “Happy 3 month birthday to our little champ! #BabyBoyCelebration #ProudMomAndDad”

13. “Three months of cuddles, kisses, and pure joy with our precious baby boy. #LoveAndLaughter #BabyBoyDelight”

14. “Time is flying, but our love for you keeps growing. Happy 3 month birthday, our adorable baby boy. #GrowingLove #BabyBoyAdventures”

15. “Three months of pure happiness with our little bundle of joy. #SweetestBabyBoy #LoveYouToTheMoonAndBack”

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Caption For 3 Months Old Baby Girl

1. “Three magical months with our precious little girl! #ThreeMonthsOld #LittlePrincess”



2. “You’ve filled our hearts for 3 months now, sweet angel. Happy 3-month birthday! #BabyGirl #ThreeMonthsOfLove”

3. “Celebrating 12 weeks of cuddles, giggles and endless love. Happy 3-month birthday, darling! #BabyGirlTurns3Months #JoyfulJourney”

4. “To our little piece of heaven who’s been with us for 3 beautiful months. Happy 3-month birthday! #OurBabyDoll #3MonthsWithYou”

5. “Our little sunshine is 3 months old today! You fill our lives with joy. #Happy3Months #BabyGirlGrowth”

6. “Tiny hands and chubby cheeks, 3 months old, yet your personality peaks! Happy 3-month birthday, sweetheart! #3MonthsOfAdorable #MiniMe”

7. “Three months ago, you made us the luckiest parents in the world. Happy 3-month birthday, darling! #OurLittleLoveBug #ThreeMonthOldAngel”

8. “Our life is so much brighter with you, baby girl. Happy 3-month birthday! #BabyGirlIs3Months #BrightestStar”

Caption For 3 Months Old Baby Girl


9. “Hey, sunshine! Three months in and you’re already outshining your old folks. Happy 3-month birthday! #NoMoreDullMoments #GlowBabyGlow”

10. “Three months of late-night lullabies and stinky diapers. And you’re worth every bit of it! Happy quarter-birthday, kiddo! #LifeWithABaby #SmellyYetCute”

11. “Happy 3-month birthday, baby girl! We’re now pros at changing diapers and singing lullabies. All thanks to you! #TheCutestDrillSergeant #DiaperDuty”

12. “Here’s to three months of watching you grow, while our sleep schedule shrinks. Happy 3-month birthday, sweetie! #TeamNoSleep #GrowingUpTooFast”

13. “Princess of the house turns 3 months today! Blink and you might miss her grow. Seriously, we blinked. #TimeFlies #GrowthSpurts”

14. “Three months of having our hearts stolen by you, missy! Happy 3-month birthday! #LittleHeartbreaker #JoyThief”

15. “Happy 3-month birthday, our cherubic alarm clock! Here’s to many more sleepless nights of love! #NightOwlBaby #AdorableDisturbance”

16. “Three months of love… and countless diaper changes! Happy 3-month birthday, darling! #LoveAndDiapers #WhoNeedsSleepAnyway”


Birthday Prayer For 3 Month Old Baby

1. Joyous Arrival

Dear Lord, we thank You for the joyous arrival of this beautiful three-month-old baby. As they continue to grow and develop each day, we ask for Your blessings of health, strength, and happiness. May this baby’s journey be filled with Your love and guided by Your light. Amen.



2. Gift of Innocence

Gracious God, we thank You for the pure gift of innocence embodied in this three-month-old baby. As we celebrate their third month on earth, we ask for Your protection and guidance. Let their life be a testament to Your eternal love and endless mercy. Amen.


3. Bright Future

Dear Heavenly Father, we thank You for the blessing of this precious child. As we mark their third month with us, we pray for a future filled with love, wisdom, and prosperity. Lead them through a path filled with Your grace and blessings. Amen.


4. Endless Blessings

Merciful Lord, we are truly grateful for this little one who has brought endless joy into our lives. As we celebrate their third month today, we ask for Your endless blessings, guidance, and protection. May they always walk in Your light and love. Amen.


5. Guardian Angels

Dear Lord, thank you for this beautiful three-month-old baby. As they slumber peacefully, we pray that You send Your guardian angels to protect them. Guide them as they grow and learn. May their life be filled with Your favor and blessings. Amen.

Birthday Prayer For 3 Month Old Baby


6. Heavenly Light

Heavenly Father, we are filled with immense joy as we celebrate the third month of this beautiful soul. May Your light shine upon them always. Guide them to be loving, kind, and respectful, embodying the virtues You uphold. Amen.


7. God’s Miracle

Dear God, we thank You for this miracle, this three-month-old baby who continues to amaze us each day. May they continue to be a source of joy and happiness in our lives. Surround them with Your love and fill their life with Your divine grace. Amen.


8. Promise of Tomorrow

Dear Lord, as we commemorate the third month of this precious baby’s life, we pray for a tomorrow filled with hope, love, and endless possibilities. Guide them, protect them, and may they grow under Your watchful eyes. Amen.


9. Precious Gift

Almighty God, we thank You for the precious gift of this three-month-old child. May their life be a beacon of Your love, kindness, and grace. Surround them with Your angels to watch over them day and night. Amen.


10. Angel’s Whispers

Dear Lord, as we celebrate three months of whispers, giggles, and heavenly coos from this little one, we ask You to bless them abundantly. Let them grow in strength and wisdom under Your tender care. May their laughter continue to echo the joy and love they bring. Amen.

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