80 Best December Birthday Quotes,Wishes And Messages

Hey, the holiday season is here! It’s also the time to celebrate the birthdays of some fantastic people born in the festive month. So, don’t miss out on wishing your favorite December-people on their birthday with some heart-warming December Birthday Wishes, Messages, and Quotes.

December means the cold breeze whizzing through the empty streets of winter, twinkling lights dolling up the houses, and the smell of fruit cakes and cinnamon filling the air.

Though the month is chilly, the birthday of your favorite December person should be warm and call for a grand celebration in itself. 

Whether you have already planned a party to surprise them or planning to send a virtual hug, add the sparkle to their special day with a birthday wish carrying your affection and the joy of the festivity.

Here is a collection of some lovely December Birthday Wishes, Messages, and Quotes that will radiate the warmth of a gentle hug so that your dear one can feel the delight of enjoying a cup of hot cocoa by the fireplace in the cozy Christmas pajamas, on their birthday.

Why December Birthdays Are Special?

Celebrating a birthday in December is something truly special. It’s a time when the festive spirit is in the air, and the excitement of winter adds its own magic touch. From the twinkling lights to the cheerful gatherings, December brings a unique joy that makes these birthdays unforgettable.

So, let’s explore what makes a December birthday so wonderfully unique.

  • Festive Atmosphere: December brings with it a unique festive spirit that can make any birthday feel extra special.
  • Winter Wonderland: The charm of winter, with its snowy landscapes and cozy nights, adds a magical touch to birthdays.
  • Holiday Cheer: With holidays like Christmas and New Year’s Eve, December birthdays are often surrounded by joy and celebration.
  • End-of-Year Reflection: December marks the conclusion of the year, making birthdays during this month a time for reflection, gratitude, and looking forward to new beginnings.
  • Gift-Giving Season: With the culture of gifting already in full swing, December birthdays often come with the joy of receiving extra presents, making them doubly exciting.

December birthdays are more than just a personal celebration; they’re part of a season full of magic and cheer. These birthdays are special moments that capture the happiness and warmth of this festive time of year.

Unique 20 December Birthday Quotes And Messages

1. My dear friend, I hope endless smiles find you on this special December day! As the first snowflakes dance in the sky, may your birthday be magical – filled with warmth, joy, and sweet memories spent cuddling with loved ones. Cheers!


2. Favorite winter buddy, happy birthday! On this lovely yet chilly December day, I’m sending the coziest hugs and most heartfelt birthday wishes. Here’s to celebrating all season long by gathering with great friends, enjoying festive fun and making more wonderful memories together!

3. Amazing person, happy birthday! As the holiday spirit sparks brighter, so do you my friend. May this December day surprise you with simple pleasures – your favorite home-cooked meal, sweet melodies, peaceful snowfall views and most importantly, quality time with those who adore you. You deserve it!

4. Wishing a very happy birthday in this festive month to someone dear! On this day made just for you, feel life’s warmth through dear friends’ smiles, joyful holiday tunes that make your heart sing, and my biggest, warmest birthday embrace from across the miles! Enjoy!

5. To a special soul I know, happy birthday! Like a cozy blanket fresh from the dryer, may this December day wrap your heart in love that lasts all year long. Sending festive wishes as the holiday tunes play! Relax and soak up the special moments!

6. On this cold yet festive December day, hot cocoa cheers for my favorite person’s birthday! As the jolly bells jingle just for you, I wish you a year ahead filled with sweet blessings and everything that brings you happiness. Stay cozy and joyful!

7. Sparkling snowflake, you’re such a delight! To a warm, wonderful friend on their wintry birthday…May every moment shimmer with seasonal magic while being wrapped in the loving embrace of those who adore you most! Sprinkle your special style and make merry memories!

8. To someone whose smile makes December glow brighter…Happy Birthday! Thank you for warming so many hearts and making the season shine. As you celebrate, I wish for you to feel as special as you make everyone feel with your beautiful spirit!

9. Laughter and starshine on your birthday dear one! From the moment you arrived, you lit up the world with your sparkle! As festive tunes play just for you, relax into the love surrounding you – you deserve it! Make merry and shine on!

10. Twinkling holiday lights are no match for your glow beautiful soul! May your December birthday wrap you cozily in life’s simple pleasures – melt-in-your-mouth chocolate, belly laughs with friends, comfy new socks! You make every day celebratory!


11. My dear friend, I hope endless smiles come your way on this special December day! As the first snowflakes twirl from the sky, may your birthday overflow with magical moments – cozying up with loved ones to celebrate you. Sending the warmest wishes!

12. Favorite winter pal, happy birthday! On this blustery yet glorious December day, I’m bundling up the coziest cyber hugs and most sincere birthday wishes for you. Let’s fill the season with festive fun with friends, stirring up sweet new memories that warm our hearts all winter long!

13. To one totally amazing person born in the merriest month…Happy Birthday! As the holiday spirit sparks and glows brighter, so do you my friend – brightening so many lives. May this be your coziest December day yet, filled with little things that bring you joy. You deserve it!

14. Winter baby, here’s to celebrating your light on this planet for another year! Slip into the warmth of this day – let the smiles of loved ones lift your spirit, festive tunes tickle your heart, and feel my big virtual bear hug. Relish the special moments!

15. In this season of sparkling lights, your one-of-a-kind soul still shines the brightest. I wish you a day brimming with merry moments – delightful seasonal scents, sentimental melodies, sweet connections with people you cherish. Have the happiest birthday!

16. Lovely human, it’s time to live it up and celebrate your December day in style! As the jolly holiday vibe peaks, may your birthday burst with laughter, cozy moments, good vibes, and reminders of how special you are. Happy Birthday – you star!

17. Happy Birthday to a true winter wonder, a fabulous human who entered this world on a magical December morn. As the landscape becomes a snow globe scene, may you feel as special as the first snowflake. Let the celebrations begin!

18. Awesome friend, your winter birthday must be celebrated with extra sparkle and pizzazz! On this glorious December day, soak up the delight of being deeply cherished by so many who adore you. Relax and take it all in!

19. While festive lights brighten the streets, it’s your warm heart and creative spirit that truly illuminates the world. In this heartwarming season, I wish your December birthday overflows with soul-hugging warmth – reminding you how valued you are. Happiest Birthday!

20. To a rare and remarkable soul who amplifies the seasonal magic just by being yourself…Happy Birthday! As you celebrate you today, I hope you’ll wrap yourself in the happy, sparkling energy that radiates from within your soul!

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December Birthday Quotes For Friends

1. Happy Birthday to my amazing friend! Remember how we used to count the snowflakes during our December walks? Here’s to more frosty adventures and warm memories. You’re not just a year older, but a year better!

Heartwarming- December-Birthday-Quotes-For-Friends

2. Hey buddy, it’s your birthday! Let’s make it as fun as our crazy holiday shopping sprees. Wishing you a day filled with the kind of joy we feel when we see the first snow. You’re more than a friend; you’re my winter wonderland companion!

3. On your special day, I’m reminded of all those December nights we spent laughing under the holiday lights. Happy Birthday, my friend! Here’s to all the warmth and laughter that only this month can bring, and only we can share.

4. Happy Birthday! Isn’t it cool to have a birthday in the month of Christmas? Just like the holidays, you bring joy and light to everyone around you. Let’s celebrate you and our friendship, the best gifts of all!

5. To my dear friend, born in the chill of December but always warming my heart. Your birthday is like a festive bell that rings in the happiest season. Here’s to you and the warmth you bring, no matter how cold it gets outside!

6. Happy Birthday! From building snowmen to sharing hot cocoa, our December memories are my favorite. You’re not just a year older, but also a year more awesome. Here’s to more fun, frost, and friendship!

7. Wishing my best friend a fabulous birthday! You’re like the holiday season – magical, joyful, and a little bit nutty. Can’t wait for more December adventures with you. Let’s make this birthday as unforgettable as a snow-covered Christmas morning!


8. Hey, it’s your birthday! Let’s celebrate you the way we celebrate December: with lots of cheer, good food, and the company of good friends. You deserve a day as special as the first snowfall we ever watched together.

9. On this December day, a star was born – you! Happy Birthday to the person who lights up the darkest winter days like the brightest Christmas tree. Here’s to you, my friend, and to all the joy we share this festive season.

10. Happy Birthday! Here’s to you, the person who knows how to make a December day brighter than any holiday decoration. Your friendship is the best present I could ever ask for. Let’s raise a toast to another year of shared laughs and warm memories!

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Romantic Birthday Messages For December

1. Happy Birthday to my favorite snowflake who makes even the coldest December nights sparkle! Just like each flurry is one-of-a-kind, so is our love. Can’t wait to celebrate you today bundled up together under the cozy glow of lights.


2. Sweetheart, as festive lights glimmer outside, you glow even brighter in my world. Your laughter is my favorite winter melody, your smile my coziest blanket. Happy B-day, love! Let’s fill this season with more magical memories.

3. My dear, your December birthday is a beautiful reminder of the warmth we share, even on the chilliest day. Let’s celebrate YOU with hot cocoa, cuddles, our favorite tunes and all the special joy of the holidays. Happy Birthday – you make winter wonderful!

4. Your December birthday is like a dazzling star in the winter sky – so bright and special. I’m so lucky to share this (and every) season with you by my side. Happy Birthday to my favorite person! Let’s make today magical.

5. Happy Birthday, sweetie! As flurries swirl outside, I’m warmed thinking of you. Let’s spend this special day building sweet memories – ice skating hand-in-hand, then hot chocolate kisses. December is sparkling with you here.

6. In the heart of winter, your birthday arrives like a cozy bonfire – warming me up with your light. Each year you shine brighter and grow more precious to me. Happy Birthday, dear one! Let’s celebrate YOU in festive style.


7. Your December b-day brings such joy, just like you do every single day. I can’t wait to laugh together over birthday cake and snuggle close watching snowflakes fall. You’re my magical soulmate. Happy Birthday!

8. On this wintry day, the world may be frigid but my heart overflows with warm loves for you. Happy Birthday, darling! Let’s make your special day as sweet and merry as the holidays with hot cocoa kisses.

9. As we celebrate YOU today, the sparkle in your smile outshines any holiday lights. I’m so grateful to enjoy your special day and every moment with my soulmate. Happy Birthday – I love you beyond words!

10. Your December birthday is a rare, beautiful gift – like an unexpected snow day to spend cherishing my favorite person! Happy Birthday, my heart. Let’s fill today with love notes, sweet serenades and laughter only we share.

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Inspirational December Birthday Wishes For Family Members

For Dad:

“Dad, I still remember how we used to blast holiday music and decorate the whole house for your December birthday when I was little. Even with all the festive decorations up, you were always the brightest light in the room. As you get older, I cherish those memories even more. May your special day be filled with warmth, cheer, and your famous sticky toffee pudding!”


For Mom:

2. “Mom, your December birthday always meant double the holiday celebrations in our house! I’ll never forget how magical it felt as a kid to have your birthday party right alongside Christmas festivities. Even with all the elaborate decorations and gifts, you still made time for our family traditions like baking cookies or driving around to see neighborhood light displays. As life keeps moving forward, I’m so grateful we can still celebrate your big day together.”

For my Brother:

3. “Bro, I know you hate getting combo presents for your December birthday and Christmas, so I vow to always get you two separate gifts! Remember how we used to try to stay up until midnight on December 31st to be the first to say “Happy Birthday” to each other? Can’t wait to celebrate late into the night and welcome your big 3-0 this year…my wild little brother is growing up!”

For my sister:

4. “Hey sis, your December birthday always brings back memories of us building snowmen in the backyard and then coming inside to warm up with hot chocolate. You’ve always had this knack for making the coldest days feel warm with your laughter and crazy stories. I’m looking forward to celebrating with you and maybe even reliving some of those snowman-building contests. Happy Birthday!”

For my Cousin:

5. “Cousin, remember our epic snowball fights during your birthday parties in December? We might be older now, but I bet I can still throw a snowball faster than you! Let’s gather the family and have a rematch this year. Wishing you a birthday that’s as fun and full of laughter as those snowy days we spent together.”

For my Aunt:

6. “Auntie, your December birthday parties are legendary – especially your gingerbread house competitions. Your creativity and love for the festive season have always been an inspiration to me. May this birthday bring as much joy to you as you’ve brought to all of us over the years.”


For my Uncle:

7. “Happy Birthday, Uncle! I always admired how even in the chilly December weather, you never missed a chance to take us kids on an adventure, whether it was ice skating or a winter hike. Your zest for life, no matter the season, is something I’ve always looked up to. Here’s to many more years of adventures!”

For my nephew:

8. “To my awesome nephew, watching you grow up has been an amazing journey, especially celebrating your birthdays in December with all the holiday excitement. You’ve brought so much joy and laughter into our lives. Can’t wait to see what this year brings for you!”

For my Niece:

9. “Happy Birthday to my favorite December girl! It feels like just yesterday we were sneaking extra marshmallows into our hot cocoa during your birthday sleepovers. You’re growing up to be such a bright and beautiful young lady, and I’m so proud to be your aunt/uncle. Let’s make this birthday the best one yet!”

For my Grandmother:

10. “Grandma, your December birthday is like the grand finale of the year, full of warmth and family stories by the fireplace. Your wisdom and love have shaped our family in so many ways. I’m grateful for another year to celebrate the incredible woman you are. Happy Birthday!”

December Birthday Messages for Colleagues

1. Happy Birthday! I know December’s got us all running around, but make sure you take a bit of time to just enjoy your day. Your hard work this year? Definitely didn’t go unnoticed. Hope your birthday sparkles just like those festive lights we love so much!


2. Here’s to your December birthday! Sandwiched between all these end-of-year crazies, your special day is a bright spot. Wishing you a day of just chilling out and soaking in some joy. You’ve earned it!

3. Happy Birthday! December’s here, and so is your big day. It’s been a rollercoaster year, and you’ve been such a key part of everything we achieved. Hoping your day feels as cozy and festive as this whole season.

4. Hey there, Happy Birthday! Having your birthday in the middle of this December madness is tough, but I hope you find some time to kick back. Wishing you a day that’s as calm and cheerful as a snowy winter evening.

5. Happy Birthday! As we’re winding down the year, your birthday’s the perfect time to just step back and appreciate all the awesome stuff you’ve done. Hope your day is filled with all the warmth and cheer that December has to offer.

6. Your birthday’s rolled in with December! Despite the hectic pace, don’t forget to treat yourself a bit. Your dedication all year hasn’t gone unnoticed. Wishing you a relaxing and happy day—you deserve it!


7. Happy Birthday! In the thick of our December deadlines, your birthday is like a breath of fresh air, reminding us to celebrate. Thanks for all your amazing work this year. Here’s to a day that’s as fun and joyful as you are!

8. A big Happy Birthday to you! This December, take a little time to look back at everything you’ve achieved this year. You’ve made such a difference. Enjoy your day to the max!

9. In this season of festivities, your birthday is a special occasion to not just celebrate you, but also the incredible work you’ve done all year. Happy Birthday, and may your day be as rewarding and special as your contributions.

10. Happy Birthday! With December’s festive spirit all around, your birthday adds even more reason for us to cheer. Thanks for your hard work and commitment throughout the year. Wishing you an absolutely fantastic day!

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Funny December Birthday Quotes and Messages

1. Happy Birthday! Born in December, you’re proof that the best presents don’t always come under the tree. They sometimes complain about the cold, though!


2. Cheers to your December birthday! You’ve got the unique talent of celebrating your birthday and practicing for New Year’s Eve at the same time. Efficiency at its best!

3. Happy Birthday! Here’s to getting one more candle on the cake and one less degree on the thermometer. Stay warm and fabulous!

4. You know you’re a December baby when your birthday cake doubles as a hand warmer. Wishing you a day as warm and toasty as your slice of cake!

5. Born in December, huh? On the bright side, your birthday candles help with the heating bill. Happy Birthday and stay cozy!

6. Happy Birthday! It’s that special time of the year when you get to wear your birthday suit under three layers of clothes. Have a blast and stay bundled up!


7. Congratulations on being born in a month when even the weather can’t decide if it’s fall or winter. May your birthday be as unpredictable and fun as a December forecast!

8. Happy Birthday! Remember, the best thing about a December birthday is that you’re not as old as you will be next year… and you get to make New Year’s resolutions to recover from your party!

9. It’s your December birthday! The only time of the year when ‘freezing your butt off’ is considered part of the fun. Layer up and enjoy your day!

10. On your birthday in December, just think – you share your birth month with Santa Claus. No pressure, but we’re expecting equally impressive gifts. Happy Birthday!

Special December Birthday Captions For Instagram

1. Celebrating a December star today! 🌟🎂 May your birthday be as bright and joyful as the holiday season! #DecemberJoy #HappyBirthday


2. Toasting to a special December birthday! 🥂❄️ Here’s to warmth, laughter, and all the cake. #CelebrateGoodTimes #WinterBirthdays

3. December’s chilly vibes have nothing on the warmth of today’s birthday celebration! 🎉❤️ Happy Birthday to a true winter wonder! #DecemberWarmth #BirthdayCheer

4. Another candle on the cake, another reason to celebrate in this festive month! 🎂🎄 Happy December Birthday! #FrostyFete #DecemberBday

5. It’s the most wonderful time of the year, especially because it’s your birthday! 🎁🍰 Celebrating you in style! #DecemberMagic #BirthdayBash

6. December birthdays mean partying in a winter wonderland! ❄️🥳 Cheers to joy and celebrations! #WinterParty #DecemberBorn


7. Born in the season of lights, spreading brightness all around! 💡🎉 Happy Birthday to a December dazzler! #LightUpTheRoom #DecemberDelight

8. Let’s rock this December birthday like a holiday! 🎸🎈 Wishing you a day as fabulous as you are. #DecemberRockstar #HappyBday

9. Celebrating someone special born in the sparkle of December! 🌠🎂 Wishing you a birthday full of love and joy! #SparkleAndShine #DecemberBirthday

10. Jingle all the way into another amazing year! 🔔🎁 Happy Birthday to a December gem! #JingleBellRock #BirthdayFun

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