100 Funny Monday Quotes to Cheer Up Your Workday

The starting day of the work week feels fantastic when you have Funny Monday Quotes before your eyes. After all, the weekend withers away for people who follow a strict schedule for the entire week. 

Jobs are mundane, and professional commitments are vital. Trudging through the week can be difficult for many. We all understand the value of work, so starting on a Monday with renewed enthusiasm is crucial. 

A happy mind is essential because you can overcome everything with a powerful mindset. Therefore, your first task is to completely rejuvenate yourself before starting your work on Monday.

But how will you feel refreshed on Monday? It is not always easy to find the energy at work. At times, you might not feel very positive about your job.

Thus, we have curated these Funny Monday Quotes. Isn’t it a lovely solution? You can also send these quotes to your friends so that they can begin their work week with renewed enthusiasm.

Funny Monday Quotes To Start Your Week

1. Monday: When you start thinking maybe wine can be a morning thing. It’s fruit, right?


2. If every day’s a gift, Monday’s the one that comes with a gift receipt.

3. Monday’s like the uninvited guest at the party – you can’t kick it out, so you just roll with it.

4. I’m sure my bed becomes a cloud on Mondays. Why else would it be so hard to leave?

5. Monday: the day when my calendar screams ‘Let’s do this!’ and my bed whispers ‘Nah, let’s not.

6. Remember, every Monday is a chance to start anew. Yep, 52 new chances each year!” (Inspired by David Dweck)

7. Hey Monday, how about you take a day off? No one would mind, promise.

8. The worst part of waking up? Realizing it’s Monday.

9. Pretty sure my snooze button just gets bigger each Monday.

10. Mondays are like the first slice of bread in the pack – everyone knows it’s there, but we all reach for the second slice.

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Monday Motivational Funny Quotes

1. Okay, so maybe we can’t build Rome today, but let’s at least start with something smaller… like getting out of bed.


2. Monday’s not so bad if you think of it as yadnouM. Sounds like a tropical island, right?

3. Good news: we survived last week! Let’s give this week a try, shall we?

4. Mondays: the perfect day to start things. Diet, exercise, learning to juggle – tomorrow’s also good, though.

5. Be like a stamp on Monday – stick to something until you get there. Even if it’s just sticking to being out of bed.

6. Fresh starts and snooze buttons – that’s what Mondays are for.

7. Blue Monday? Only if the sky’s clear. Here’s to hoping for a sky-blue kind of day!

8. Every Monday is like a new plot twist in your life story. Let’s make it a good one!

9. Monday’s superhero name? Caffeine-Man. Or Woman. Or Person. Whoever brings the coffee.

10. Monday motto: Can’t find sunshine? Be your own ray of, well, at least some kind of light. Maybe moonlight?

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Funny Monday Morning Quotes

1. Monday mornings are like that alarm clock you can’t find – you know it’s there, and it’s annoying, but you just have to deal with it.


2. Waking up on Monday is a gentle reminder that my bed is the comfiest place on earth and leaving it should be illegal.

3. Monday morning: when your bed holds you hostage and the snooze button becomes your best ally.

4. The hardest thing about Monday morning is remembering what day it is. Spoiler: It’s always too early.

5. Monday mornings feel like that moment when you trip, and for a second, you hope no one saw. But the universe always sees.

6. If Monday morning had a face, I’d gently throw a pillow at it.

7. Monday mornings are like texts from your ex. Unexpected and they mess up your whole day.

8. The only thing worse than a Monday is a Monday morning. It’s like the boss level of the week.

9. On Monday morning, my coffee is like a magic potion. It doesn’t make me invisible, but it sure helps me be seen.

10. Monday morning is nature’s way of asking, “How much do you really love your job?”

Humourous Monday Quotes For Work

1. “Mondays at work are like that ‘Reply All’ email everyone keeps responding to but nobody really wants.”


2. “Walking into work on Monday is my real-life ‘accept terms and conditions’ moment. I’m not really sure what I’m agreeing to, but I don’t have much choice.”

3. “Monday meetings: because why start your week with coffee when you can dive straight into confusion and charts?”

4. “The first five days after the weekend are always the hardest, especially Monday. It’s like an entire week before it’s the weekend again.”

5. “On Monday, my office chair feels like a catapult, ready to launch me back to the weekend.”

6. “Ever notice how your computer starts up as reluctantly as you on a Monday? It’s like it knows.”

7. “Mondays are the potholes in the road of life. Especially the ones that sneak up on you right as you’re sipping your coffee.”

8. “Monday work motto: If you can’t get rid of the skeleton in your office closet, at least make it dance and put some music on.”

9. “Monday: when your inbox is a scary reminder that your job continued to exist even when you were happily ignoring it over the weekend.”

10. “Monday at work is like a mystery novel. Full of unanswered questions, like why are we here, and when is lunch?”

11. “Mondays are like that one relative who shows up uninvited; you can’t avoid them, but you can arm yourself with coffee and a fake smile.”

12. “Imagine if Mondays were optional. I bet we’d all have a sudden case of ‘Weekend-itis’ lasting precisely 24 hours every week.”

13. “Monday is the universe’s way of saying, ‘Welcome back to reality, dreamer. Your vacation in the land of weekend is over.'”

14. “Monday is a mythical creature. It appears out of nowhere and scares you back into adult responsibilities.”

15. “Remember, Monday is that friend who tells you the harsh truth – like you’re out of shape and need to exercise, but in this case, it’s about working.”

16. “Monday is the test that life gives you to see if you were paying attention during the happy hours of the weekend.”

17. “They say every day is a gift, but where’s the receipt for Mondays? I’d like to exchange it for an extra Friday.”

18. “Monday mornings are like cold showers. Nobody really likes them, but they do wake you up and get you moving.”

19. “A Monday morning feels like a scavenger hunt where you’re trying to find your motivation, will to work, and that one sock that disappeared.”

20. “Mondays are like a big, unwelcome surprise party thrown by your alarm clock.”

21. “Monday: When your bed is a magnetic field and your alarm clock is a cruel, relentless drill sergeant.”

22. “Monday is the day when my coffee needs an espresso shot, my espresso needs a Red Bull, and my Red Bull needs divine intervention.”

23. “Monday is the superhero no one wants, but everyone gets. It swoops in, saves us from too much relaxation, and carries us into the world of productivity.”

24. “Every Monday is a reminder that life is an endless cycle of ‘I really need to get my act together’.”

25. “On Mondays, my spirit animal is a mix between a sloth and a grumpy cat. Motivation is mythical, and enthusiasm is extinct.”

26. “Monday is like that plot twist in a movie you saw coming, but still hope it won’t happen.”

27. “Remember, every Monday is a chance to start a new life, so make sure to screw it up by Wednesday for maximum enjoyment.”

28. “Monday is the day when your inner philosopher awakens and questions your life choices, like why you didn’t choose to be a millionaire.”

29. “Monday’s motto: If at first, you don’t succeed, try two more times so that your failure is statistically significant.”

30. “Imagine if Monday was a person. It would be that well-meaning friend who always ruins your jokes by explaining them.”

Sarcastic Monday Quotes

1. Mondays are like that friend who always overstays their welcome. You know, the one you never invited in the first place.


2. Ah, Monday, my favorite day of the week! Said no one ever.

3. Monday: the universe’s way of punishing you for enjoying your weekend.

4. If there were an award for the most disliked day of the week, Monday would win. Every. Single. Time.

5. Monday: where motivation goes to take a long, indefinite nap.

6. Monday should come with a fast-forward button. And a mute one, while we’re at it.

7. On Mondays, I’m 50% ‘I got this’ and 50% ‘Got out of bed, what more do you want?’

8. Monday: the day I strongly consider trading my career for a life as a cat. Sleep, eat, repeat.

9. If Monday was a person, it would be that one who always talks loudly on their phone in quiet places.

10. Here’s to Monday, the great reminder that we had something called ‘weekend’ that went by too fast, as always.

Funny Monday Coffee Quotes

1. Mondays are just mini-holidays for coffee lovers. Another excuse to have one more cup.


2. On Mondays, my coffee is like a superhero in a mug.

3. Coffee: because Monday doesn’t happen without it

4. If Monday is the question, coffee is the answer. No matter what the question is.

5. Coffee on Monday is like a high five for your brain.

6. My Monday morning workout: running from the bed to the coffee maker.

7. Monday mantra: Keep calm and pretend it’s not Monday. That’s what coffee’s for.

8. Monday’s forecast: 99% chance of coffee.

9. Coffee: making Mondays slightly more bearable since forever.

10. On Mondays, I like my coffee like I like my Mondays – not happening. But well, here we are.

I hate Monday Funny Quotes

1. Mondays are like a math problem: add the irritation, subtract the sleep, multiply the problems, divide the happiness.


2. Monday: the moment when Sunday stops feeling like a Sunday and the reality of the week hits you.

3. I’m not saying I hate Mondays, but if it was a person, I’d avoid it in the supermarket.

4. If Monday had a face, I’d probably make a meme out of it.

5. Mondays are the start of my weekly existential crisis: To work, or not to work, that is the question.

6. The only thing blue about Monday is the color of my mood.

7. Monday: that one day of the week when my coffee needs a coffee.

8. Monday should be optional, like choosing to read the terms and conditions.

9. If there were a ‘block’ option for days of the week, Monday would be my first choice.

10. Monday and I are in a complicated relationship: I pretend it doesn’t exist, and it insists on showing up every week.

Short And Funny Monday Quotes For Instagram

1. Monday’s plan: Coffee in one hand, confidence in the other.


2. New Monday, same me (because why change a classic?).

3. Mondays are for fresh starts… and multiple alarms.

4. Monday: Let’s do this! (After coffee… maybe.)

5. Hello, Monday. We meet again (unfortunately).

6. Survived another Monday? Check ✔️

7. Monday motto: Less dread, more caffeine.

8. Who needs a superhero when you’ve survived Monday?

9. Monday: Not my favorite day, but I’ll make it work.

10. Making Monday my… well, let’s just get through it.

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