105 Funny Sunday Quotes To Crack Up Your Weekend

The start of the last day of the weekend feels fantastic when you have Funny Sunday Quotes before your eyes.

There is no hiding the fact that we all wait for Sundays like no other day of the week.

That’s because Sundays are meant for rest, relaxation, and a whole lot of “me time and family time.” Sundays are like mini vacations in all our lives. 

And on a lazy, laid-back Sunday,  what could be better than a good laugh with friends and family?

Well, nothing. To enhance your amusement on Sundays,  there is nothing wrong with some funny Sunday quotes to share with your near and dear ones.

In fact, these quotes and sayings help to lift up the mood and keep you going through the best day of the week, Sunday. 

However, when it comes to finding and sending some funny quotes for Sundays to friends and families, you might get confused. Here, we have some of the funniest Sunday quotes just for you. 

Top 20 Funny Sunday Quotes

1. Do Sundays even exist? I think I sleep on Saturdays and wake up on Mondays. My Sundays are gone just in a jiffy? What about you?


2. I plan a lot of things for my Sundays. But then, I hit the bed and never woke up before Monday. The irony of my Sundays and life!

3. I get tired on Sundays, too, by doing nothing. Sundays are for relaxing and “doing nothing for me.” But I do get tired of that as well. 

4. Even though Sunday is an off-day for me, I wake up early in the morning, even without an alarm. How frustrating can this be?

5. Sunday is my official day to clean the house. Will I ever get an actual free day?

6. Hey, it’s Sunday again! Let’s spend the day cuddling and the evening partying. And then wait the rest of the week for another Sunday, again.

7. I always wished to spend Sundays under the blanket with my favorite drink on one hand and the TV remote on the other. But I have to spend the weekend with a broom in one hand and a cleaning duster in the other.

8. Sundays are my favorite days of the week. I can be myself without being judged or supervised. Oh Lord, why there aren’t two Sundays in a week?

9. Hey, let’s plan something fun for this Sunday and then spend our days under the blanket, as we always do!

10. I prefer my Sunday morning with a “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door. Sunday mornings should be as long as I want them to be, right?


11. Sundays are the days of the week when I do nothing yet get tired and exhausted. But then again, I want to get tried like this every day.

12. Oh, Sunday! Why do you pass by so quickly. It feels like I wake up, blink, and Sunday is gone. Why didn’t you make is day 48 hours long, God?

13. God sends Sunday mornings to sleep, cuddle, and relax. But here I am, running to the office for extra hours. Why life has to be so cruel to me?

14. I show off my inner MasterChef on Sunday mornings. As fun as it is for me, I think my family’s Sunday mornings are horrifying just for this. 

15. Sunday is the only day of the week when I can let loose of myself and do whatever I want. This day is my “therapy” day. 

16. Sunday’s plan: Wake up early to seize the day… and then go back to sleep because the bed is just too cozy. Seizing can wait till Monday!

17. Sunday: the day I plan to conquer the world from my couch, but end up holding a remote in one hand and my dreams in the other. It’s the grand parade of ambitious thoughts and comfy pillows!

18. The biggest lie I tell myself every Sunday: I’ll just check my email quickly. Next thing I know, it’s midnight, and I’m questioning all my life choices.

19. On Sundays, my coffee is recreational, not occupational. There’s a big difference in the taste when you’re not chugging it down to meet a deadline!

20. Sunday is the day I prepare for the upcoming week by regretting all the things I didn’t do last week. It’s like a recurring weekly meeting with my procrastination.

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Funny Sunday Coffee Quotes

1. On Sundays I drink coffee till it’s OK to drink wine. It’s a tricky balance, like walking a caffeine tightrope, trying to make it to evening without wondering if the coffee made me do weird stuff.

2. Sunday coffee is my spiritual time. I sit with my cup, stare into nothing, and think real hard about life’s big questions, like why is it called ‘instant coffee’ when it takes forever to make?

3. Sunday is when my coffee cup and I have a little chat. It says ‘you got this’ and I say ‘I guess, but I’d rather not.’ Together we try to answer life’s mysteries, like why weekends don’t have snooze buttons.

4. Sundays and coffee just seem to go together. The coffee makes me feel warm and cozy and ready to say good morning, even when I don’t wanna get up.

5. On Sundays, coffee is your best friend. It flies in to save you from ‘I don’t wanna get out of bed’ attacks. It’s not just a drink, it’s a life saver!

6. My Sunday coffee routine is special, like a dance or a song, with each sip like a musical note. I’m the conductor, my coffee is the orchestra.

7. I like my Sunday coffee like I like my weekends: long, dark and full of possibilities. It makes me feel like I can handle the day, or at least the couch and the TV.

8. Sundays are for coffee, not exercise. My cup sees more action than my shoes. It’s a slow coffee marathon, not a sprint, with each sip bringing me closer to doing zero things.

9. On Sundays, my coffee mug is a fortune teller, showing me a future of relaxing, being lazy, and maybe occasionally getting stuff done. Caffeine fuels my journey to ignore Mondays.

10. The first rule of Sunday coffee is you don’t just have one cup. It’s many decisions leading to total weekend chillness, with each refill bringing you closer to coffee heaven.

Sunday Funny Captions For Instagram

1. Sunday’s Forecast: Lazy with a 90% chance of Netflix.


2. Sundays are for pajamas, pancakes, and pretending Monday is a myth.

3. Starting my Sunday with a smile and ending it with champagne.

4. My Sunday strategy: Sprinkle some glitter on the couch and call it a productive day.

5. Sunday: Officially renaming my bed as The Comfort Zone. Do Not Disturb.

6. Sunday To-Do List: Nothing. And I’m already halfway through it.

7. Mimosas: because Sunday isn’t a real day without brunch.

8. Why do Sunday calories never count? Asking for a friend.

9. If Sunday night’s anxiety had a face, I would tell it I’m not available.

10. Sunday’s plan: Making memories and counting down hours to the next weekend.

11. Sundays are for pajamas and pretending I’m productive. 🐼📚

12. Why do weekends have to end? Asking for a friend. 🤷‍♂️🕒

13. I’m not lazy, I’m on energy-saving mode. Happy Sunday! 🛌💡

14. Sunday checklist: Nothing. ✅🚫

15. Sunday Funday: More like, coffee and pretending I’m ready for Monday. ☕️😅

16. I’ve got a severe case of the Sundays. Symptoms include: not leaving my bed and scrolling Instagram. 🛏️📱

17. On Sundays, my coffee is recreational. ☕️🎉

18. Sunday should come with a pause button. ⏸️🚫

19. Brunch so hard, Monday wants to find me. 🍳🔍

20. Dear Sunday, can you last a little longer? I’m not done pretending to relax. 🏖️⏳

21. Sunday: The day I plan a lot but actually do very little. 📋🛋️

22. Weekend, please don’t leave me. I can change! 🏃‍♂️💔

23. Sunday’s plan: Sleep until I’m hungry, then eat until I’m sleepy. 😴🍔

24. Sundays are like confetti floating in the air… until tomorrow comes. 🎉😭

25. If Sunday was a person, I would give it a big hug and then a little nudge to make it longer. 🤗⏳

Funny Sunday Morning Quotes

1. Sunday mornings: where alarm clocks are the enemy and the snooze button is my best friend.


2. My Sunday morning workout: Running late to brunch.

3. The only thing I like to ‘rise and shine’ for on a Sunday morning is the glow of my phone screen.

4. Sunday morning mantra: But first, coffee… and maybe second and third coffee too.

5. I’m in a committed relationship with my bed every Sunday morning.

6. Sunday morning routine: Wake up, groan, roll over, repeat.

7. Who needs a morning jog when you can sprint to the fridge?

8. My Sunday morning is a carefully planned illusion of having my life together.

9. The best part of Sunday morning is realizing I have nowhere to be.

10. Sunday mornings are for deep philosophical thoughts, like deciding between pancakes or waffles.

Funny Quotes About Happy Sunday

1. Sundays: The day my coffee is extra magical and my pajamas become my happy uniform.


2. Happy Sunday! It’s the only day when my to-do list reads: ‘Nap, Snack, Repeat.’

3. The secret formula for a Happy Sunday: one splash of laziness, two spoonfuls of bed, and a pinch of Netflix.

4. Happy Sunday! Let’s do some ‘we shouldn’t be doing this’ things.

5. On Sundays, I don’t just slow down, I come to a full stop. Happy Lazy Day!

6. Happy Sunday! Remember, calories don’t count, responsibilities are paused, and naps are mandatory.

7. My Sunday happiness is directly proportional to the size of my coffee mug.

8. Keep calm and pretend it’s not just Sunday, but a week-long holiday.

9. A Happy Sunday includes sunshine, smiles, and the superpower to avoid all chores.

10. Happy Sunday! It’s the day when my living room becomes a blissful island of relaxation and snacks.

Sunday Funny Quotes For Work

1. Sunday: The day I play ‘hide and seek’ with my work responsibilities.


2. My Sunday work strategy: If I can’t see my to-do list, it can’t see me.

3. The only work I do on Sundays is calculating how many hours until Monday.

4. Sundays are for rest, relaxation, and mentally preparing for Monday’s email avalanche.

5. On Sunday, I prepare for work like a hero gearing up for an epic quest – mostly by napping and procrastination.

6. Sunday motto: Work hard, play hard, and nap harder.

7. Sundays are for two things: enjoying the last bits of freedom and convincing myself I’m ready for Monday.

8. My Sunday work prep involves practicing my ‘surprised’ face for Monday’s unexpected tasks.

9. Sunday is when I find the motivation I lost on Friday. It’s usually hiding under the couch with the remote.

10. Work on Sunday? I thought Sunday was the universal day for ‘computer is updating, cannot work.’

Funny Lazy Sunday Quotes

1. Lazy Sunday rule #1: If you can’t reach it from the couch, you don’t need it.


2. Sunday checklist: Nothing, still nothing, and yep, more nothing.

3. My Sunday is in airplane mode: no calls, no texts, just snacks and naps.

4. Sundays are sponsored by blankets, couches, and the word ‘nope.’

5. On Sundays, my favorite exercise is a cross between a lunge and a crunch. I call it ‘lunch.’

6. I’ve mastered the art of doing nothing on Sundays. I have a black belt in laziness.

7. If laziness were an Olympic sport, I’d get a gold medal every Sunday.

8. Sunday productivity plan: Turn over in bed every few hours to get even sunlight exposure.

9. On Sundays, I follow my dream… back to bed.

10. Sunday is a state of mind. That mind just happens to be very, very relaxed.

Short funny Sunday Quotes

1. Sundays: Less Monday, more funday.


2. Sunday: Sleep until you feel guilty.

3. On Sundays, we wear pajamas.

4. Sunday: Nap day or snack day?

5. Making Sunday a Funday, one nap at a time.

6. Sunday’s plan: Coffee, Couch, Repeat.

7. Weekend, please don’t leave me.

8. Sunday: The procrastinator’s paradise.

9. Brunch: the Sunday superhero.

10. Sundays: Officially sponsored by sweatpants.

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