How to Plan a Surprise Anniversary Party: A Step-by-Step Guide

Is marriage an excellent episode of learning new things? What do you think? Knowing a wet towel should not stay on the bed, remembering to put down the toilet seat, or when your partner is angry, a simple apology or a genuine act to make them happy—don’t all these sound like a handy lesson? Plan a surprise anniversary party for your partner now that you are one more year wiser in marriage.

It is not just a celebration of your togetherness. But also a celebration of your talent of surviving the countless tiny arguments that have strengthened your bond.

So, this celebration should be top-notch. What better chance can there be to remind your partner why they said “I-do”?

Though arranging a surprise anniversary party sounds challenging, don’t worry. This article will guide you step-by-step and help unleash the party planner sleeping inside you.

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Things That You Must Remember To Arrange a Surprise Anniversary Party!

1. Set the Date and Time of the Event

The first task is to set a date. You can select your anniversary date or something closer to it based on your convenience. Make sure to start planning early. It will ensure you have ample time in hand to manage everything perfectly!

2. Make a Budget

Budget is crucial. Whether it’s your first anniversary or you’re just going to add another year of wedded bliss to your list. You may also have a specific budget for venue, food, and other primary expenses. It can be tricky for first-timers because you might fail to estimate exact expenditure. But make sure to stick to a budget or an amount that is closer to it.

3. Make a Guest List

This is extensive work. Hence, it is better to take time to make a guest list. While you might love to invite everyone who has been a part of your journey of togetherness, finance, and budget can be limiting factors. Hence, consider your budget while preparing the guest list.

4. Pick a Venue

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Once you know the number of guests attending, you can pick a venue. Make sure to check if the location is convenient for family gatherings. It is always better to check the amenities before choosing the venue. You can also explore venues with options like dog-friendly locations and wheelchair accessibility.

5. Decide on the Menu

While deciding on the menu for the party, you must consider the budget and number of guests. If you are with a small group and want a homely ambiance, you can hire a chef instead of a catering company. You can also set up a buffet for the guests if you like.

But, if your guest list includes a large number of people, then you must contact a caterer. You can set the menu per your food budget, discussing it with the caterer or the chef you are hiring. It will help you keep track of the expenses, and the process will be smooth.

6. Theme For The Party

Though not mandatory, it can spice up the gathering. While there are ample choices, Bollywood, retro, and ethnic are some of the popular ones for anniversary parties. But, it is optional to stick to these themes. After all, it’s your party, and having fun is the bottom line of the whole event!

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7. Send out the Invitations

The fun part begins here! Show your creativity in making a lovely invitation card for your anniversary. You can download online templates of anniversary cards and fill out information like date, time, venue, etc. If you have decided on any theme for your party, remember to mention it! You can post the invitation cards or mail digital cards to your invitees.

8. An Important Side Note

It is a surprise party, right? So, mention this to your guests. Otherwise, if they end up disclosing it to your partner, the surprise party might not be a surprise anymore for them.

9. Plan the Entertainment

Party and music are like the most happening couple out there! So, the first task is to choose the music. If you have a theme, then consider it while choosing the music. You can also make a short video presentation for the guests by adding some of your favorite couple pictures. Besides these, you can also plan fun games for the guests.

10. Decorate the Venue

Decorating the venue is hectic, especially if it’s a big area. In this case, you can take the help of an agency who will help you with the decorations.

You can discuss the theme and give suggestions so that they can come up with the dream design for your party venue. If you are having a small gathering, you can also ask your friends to come over and help you with the decorations. You can keep the decorations simple to radiate a cozy vibe.

11. Book a Photographer

This surprise anniversary party will create more special memories for you. Therefore, make sure to hire a photographer to capture those moments. You may also choose to record the event yourself. It is better to arrange a handycam or small camera like GoPro that you can carry easily.

Now, you can start recording everything from start to end. You can watch it later to relive the moments of your special day.

12. Special Anniversary Gift

Special Anniversary Gift
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Choosing a special anniversary gift for your partner can be daunting. However, it is crucial to consider your partner’s interest while choosing a gift for them. You may also prepare some personalized gifts that will reflect the milestone. Choose an unconventional and quirky gift for your partner if they are fond of out-of-the-box things.


13. Time for Final Check

Hush-hush! The arrangements are all set! Now, you need to plan how to take your partner to the venue without letting them know what’s going on. Let’s leave it to you! It is better not to rush everything. Otherwise, you might end up ruining it all. Double-check everything one to two days before the party. For example, if you have ordered a cake, contact the confectionery two days prior for confirmation.

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What do you think about our suggestions? You are all exhausted and caught up. But trust us, these ideas for your anniversary party are all set to rock the minds of your guests. While the planning part might feel exhausting, imagine the glow of joy in your partner’s eyes when they see the arrangements you have made to cherish this milestone of your relationship. Isn’t it worth everything? As it’s said, the mystery keeps the romance alive. So, make sure to keep the surprise a “Surprise.”

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